Spoiler warning: … This is your final WARNING. Do not read on unless you’ve seen episode 603 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Thank You.”

In what can only be described as a SHOCKING episode, viewers were left with the question – How could you kill Glenn like that? – The question we should be asking is, whether Glenn is dead?

“The Walking Dead” has a reputation off killing of main characters – Beth faced this fate last season – however all have had endings that were befitting of their character arc. Glenn’s death seems frivilous in the manner it happened. Why kill off a central character where the emotional reaction of Maggie and others can’t be felt?

Fans hit social media hard after the show, formulating conspiracy theories that argue Nicholas’ (Michael Traynor) had fallen on top of Glenn and it was indeed his “insides” being visibly shown across the screen. Others point out the angle from which it appeared this was happening.

How would Glenn escape the herd? We’ve seen people covered in blood in the past get past Walkers who do not pick up their scent. We also see a gap under the bin that Glenn could role under.

So the question that remains, is Glenn “dead” or was this all cloaks and daggers? With next weeks episode slated as a Morgan flashback episode, the answer to the question will remain in the air for the next fortnight.

Here was social media reaction.

Can he survive?

Those who are queasy… Maybe avoid the below GIF.