This week on Survivor – The game took a major twist from the opening scene with the much speculated withdrawal of contestant Terry Deitz.


Probst hits the Ta Keo beach in the middle of the night, to speak with Terry Deitz. Sadly his son had been admitted to hospital and will need to leave the game to be with his son. We later discovered that his son has undergone a life-saving heart transplant operation and is in fact the real survivor ‘second chance.’

The following day the contestants hit the mats in anticipation of a reward challenge discovering Deitz was no longer in the game. Much emotion followed as those with children reflected on the enormity of the situation at hand. However in Survivor much like in life, the game never stays the same.

‘Drop your buffs!’

The three tribes are no more, with the removal of the AngKor tribe and the separation of the remaining 14 contestants into two tribes of 7.

Bayon – Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, Joe, Keith, Tasha, and Wentworth

Ta Keo – Savage, Woo, Abi, Kass, Ciera, Wiglesworth, and Spencer.

Over at Bayon, Stephen is looking to make the big move, unlike his previous game in season 18: Tocantins, he does not want to go to the end with the biggest threat and has identified Joe as the JT of this season. Joe however has plans of his own. To keep Kelly Wentworth and blindside a weaker player like Kimmi or Stephen,

Over at the new Ta Keo beach, Spencer and Kass are playing nice for now, however I don’t know how long that will last. Kass and Spencer both have confessionals talking of the uneasy relationship they have from their first season together.


The challenge comes down to a 3-3 tie, Cagayan Luzon tribe members Tasha and Kass square off eating a Survivor classic – BALUT!

Tasha wins comfortable and it’s the new Ta Keo heading to Tribal

Return of Chaos Kass?

Savage is confident he has the numbers, but Ciera ‘doesn’t know about that!’ and decides to form a new alliance with Kass and Abi.

Kass talks to Spencer and warns him that Savage is targeting him. Can he trust her? Kass is stuck between good and evil. Will #ChaosKass be making a return

Line are drawn in the sand and it’s Woo who is voted out 4-3 over Spencer. While Kass did not get her revenge of Spencer, she did on Woo for taking Tony to the end of Cagayan, instead of her.

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