2015 has been a golden age in Australian television, with the arrival of streaming services like Netflix, STAN and Presto adding competition to the monopoly of Foxtel and the Free-to-air television stations.

In the first steps of a fight back, Australia’s big networks are taking one big leap forward into the 21st century by offering live streaming simulcasts of their stations through their respective apps PLUS7 and 9Now.

Competition for viewers has seen the continual drift from traditional free-to-air television to SVOD, Pay TV and Online.

Seven and Nine will hope to reengage viewers by providing added convenience of these streaming services, allowing people to watch while on the go.

Rachel Micallef of Adnews spoke with Seven West Media’s chief digital officer, Clive Dickens, “Television describes how screen entertainment makes you feel, it’s not the distribution or platform. When my son is watching a YouTube video or my daughter is on Presto or my wife is watching Plus7, they’re all watching television.

Yes, the method of distribution has changed – the short form, medium form, the long form, and the way of monetising it is changing, but it’s all television.”

From the 26th of November, Nine will additionally modify its primary stations. Nine has cleverly decided to switch its Primary channel to High Definition, meaning blockbuster sporting events like the summer of Cricket, and the NRL State of Origin will now be broadcast in High Definition. 9Life will feature The Bachelor, Million Dollar Listing and The Real Housewives.

Channel 90: 9HD
Channels 9 / 91: 9SD
92: 9GEM (reverting to SD)
93 / 99: 9GO!
94: 9Life (from Nov 26)
95: Extra

Source: Adnews.com.au