Shannon, Michelle, Fiona, Tiffany, & Commando


Tuesday night episode of The Biggest Loser Australia highlights why this show has gradually declined over the past decade.

The decision to return to Families this season has been met with positive reviews and the battle between the alliance (Red & Black) and the remaining teams (White & Blue) has made this one of the most strategically interesting games in the history of TBL Australia.

Tuesday nights episode saw the conclusion of the food challenge, where Cliff of the White team (trained by Tiffany Hall), faced Dan of the Red team (trained by Michelle Bridges). Both went head to head in a contest to grab a fork from the middle of the table.

After a tie in the first round, Dan eventually was triumphant, ate his “temptation” and gained ultimate power.

However unlike previous weeks, this weeks power was grossly over powered. Dan now has the ability to eliminate any contestant of his choice.

Viewers of the show this season know that the biggest battle has between the Jofres and Hailwoods. The Jofres still had all 4 members while the Hailwood were down to Cliff who came into the house tipping 180kg.

Cliff without a fair fight was eliminated by Dan and sent home, clearly still needing to be in the house. This twist highlights a lack of creativity of the producers and disheartens many core viewers who have seen Cliff as the underdog over the past few weeks.

Shows that take their viewers for granted, are those that face the axe sooner. The Biggest Loser Australia will need to do some serious recalibration if it is to fix the mess it has created for itself.

“I’m devastated. Cliff was having such a turnaround. He let go of all the anger and was training so well.”

“When I first met the Hailwoods, they were overweight, over-eating and unhappy. Wait until finale. When the Hailwoods show up, they’re going to be showstoppers. And I’m proud of that.” said Tiffany Hall

“Leaving Camp TBL, I’m proud of what I’ve already achieved. Before coming on the show, I was angry. Tiff has definitely changed my outlook on life. I think I’m well on track with my goal of being a better dad and being more active,” said Cliff.

“This is only the start of my new life.”

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