On the podcast this week Jess Kent and I preview the players for the upcoming season of Survivor: Kaoh Rong
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Alecia Holden, 24, Dallas, real estate agent Kyle Jason, 31, Detroit, bounty hunter Scot Pollard, 40, Carmel, Ind., former NBA champion Cydney Gillon, 23, Douglasville, Ga., body builder Darnell Hamilton, 27, Chicago, postal worker Jennifer Lanzetti, 38, Salt Lake City, contractor


Michele Fitzgerald, 24, Freehold, NJ, bartender Anna Khait, 26, Brooklyn, NY, professional poker player Nick Maiorano, 30, Redondo Beach, Calif., personal trainer Caleb Reynolds, 28, Hopkinsville, Ky., army vet/former “Big Brother” contestant Julia Sokolowski, 19, Boston, college student Tai Trang, 51, San Francisco, gardener


Peter Baggenstos, 24, Minneapolis, ER doctor Aubry Braco, 29, Cambridge, Mass., social media marketer Joseph Del Campo, 72, Vero Beach, Fla., former FBI agent Neal Gottlieb, 37, Sausalito, Calif., ice cream entrepreneur Elisabeth Markham, 27, Brooklyn, NY, quantitative strategist Debbie Wanner, 49, Reading, PA, chemist Meet the Cast