This Sunday from 6am the Seven Network will start broadcasting a new multi-channel that will focus on movies and popular US drama.

The network will kick off with an 8 episode binge of the third season of Once Upon A Time.

Every night  the channel will broadcast a movie at 8:30pm. Some of the the shows already announced to feature on the network include The Amazing Race, Seinfeld, The Muppets and Once Upon A Time.

Here is a list of the 8:30pm Movies for the week,

Sunday – Love Actually

Monday – You, Me and Dupree

Tuesday – Click

Wednesday – Captain Phillips

Thursday – 2012

Friday – Sister Act

Saturday – Sister Act 2: Back In the Habit


7Flix will be available in all metro markets. The station should represent a good home to many international programs Australians love that have been relegated to the late shift on Seven.