6 weeks in the South African jungle draws to a close with the winner decided between AFL reformed bad boy Brendan Fevola and NRL  legend Paul Harragon.

As the night drew to a close, Fevola was officially crowned as “King of the Jungle” winning $100k for the Shane Warne foundation. Fevola announced that he will split his winners cheque with runner-up Harragon, so both charities will receive $50k each.

Popular former Bachelor contestant Laurina Fleure was announced in third place. Fleure has been a fan favourite this season with many expecting her t31BA62B100000578-3470933-image-m-52_1456830347294o claim the crown.

The season had mixed success with questions around casting. Successes included the introduction of Cricket legend Shane Warne and former Idol Anthony Callea providing moments of excellent throughout the season.

With sustained success in 2016, we can count on seeing a third season of I’m a Celebrity AU in 2017.

Rumours suggest we may see co-host Dr. Chris Brown within the next few months, hosting the Australian adaptation of Survivor, set to go into production within the next month.

What did you think about Brendan being crowned King of the Jungle?