Tonight saw fan favourites Alex and Gareth eliminated from the MKR Kitchen after losing in sudden death to South Australians Rosie and Paige.

The boys were in the hunt the entire night. They received positive review on their entree of five spice prawns with papaya salad and coriander dressing was commended on it’s presentation and flavour.

“What a lovely way to start a three course meal. Prawns are cooked extremely well. I love the batter. And it encapsulates those five spices. The sauce is missing some heat.” Pete said.

Rosie and Paige Entree – Source: Channel 7

Despite receiving positive reviews for their main, “This sauce is full of flavour — it’s unbelievable how much flavour they’ve packed into that,” Manu said of their snapper with green chilli coconut broth.

The boys could not quite topple the Rosie and Paige falling behind. Both teams received positive reviews throughout the night however small touches helped Rosie and Paige get over the line, finishing the night with a score of 52/60. Alex and Gareth finished the night with 49/60 losing by 3 points, eliminating them from the MKR Kitchen.

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