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Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 9 recap and podcast

Survivor: Kaoh Rong rediscovered its mojo this week after down weeks following the merge. Here are the top 5 Talking Points from Episode 9 – It’s psychological warfare!

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  1. Sabotage is afoot – Jason, Scot, and Tai begin their wicked work on the tribe.

“Well, the girls pulled a good one and, uh, blindsided us, basically. Clearly, the status of the Brawn alliance is done. It’s now Jason and I… and Tai.” (Scot).

They say those up to mischief come out at night, and this week did not disappoint. Reeling after the shocking blindside of Nick, Scot and Jason devised a plan to make their fellow tribe members suffer. They would not sit idle by! Action was needed.

We’re going to take the machete and ax and take away their ability to do things just to weaken their soul a little. It’s psychological warfare. I did it in the military. I do it in bounty hunting. You cut off all their ties, mess with their mind. Keep ‘em weak. Look for the cracks, look for the weakness, read between the lines to try and strike. I love psychological warfare.” (Jason)

Joe called out their “immature behaviour.” Scot responded saying the only reason the tribe’s ever had fire in the first place was because he’s been the one to make it.

Scot sitting by the fire could not take the positivity of the other players. It was time to make a stand. He decided to pour out the remaining water onto the fire.

“So I’m listening to the little, “Oh, we’re good. We got this. We’ll just cook up coconuts the old way and we going to be fine,” and I was mad already, but that was the tipping point. I was like, “Okay, well, you’re bragging again,” and now I’m steaming, so I’m going to do something stupid.” (Scot)

Tai took it upon himself. The line in the sand had been cast.  There was no going back from here.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I say, “You know what? I’m committed to the boy.” I was upset when Scot poured out that big fire. My heart get to it, but it’s necessary for me to step back from what I’m feeling– compassionate. I like them, but if this is war, we’re going to make the other side uncomfortable. So I decided to put out the fire. I mean, right now it’s them and us. The evil side of me rarely come out, but it does.’ (Tai).

  1. Julia the swing, aligns herself in the middle (moves over to the dark side.)

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff discusses the divide within the camp. Why have a random pick. Lets just decide amongst ourselves. Joe sat out leaving the women to decide who would play with the men. Without hesitation, Julia decides to jump over and assign with Jason, Scot and Tai.

“I decided to go with the boys because at this point in the game, I know that kind of pulling in Sot and pulling in Jason could be really super beneficial to me. It’s time for me to start making moves and playing my game.” (Julia)

Julia is making moves for herself, despite being the youngest player out on the island, she is not afraid to play both sides, but not everyone was happy about that!

Julia swoops over there and says she would go with the guys pretty, pretty quickly. And I was like, ‘Hold up! What’s really going on?'” (Cydney)

The reward challenge was close, but Jason claimed victory knocking the final bottle off the wall, winning Chinese takeout.

Julia, Tai, myself, Jason and Mark the Chicken, we ate Chinese food and had a couple of beers. Everything was really, really good. But the best part about it is getting a chance to talk to Julia and pick her brain.”

Julia is now faced on being squarely in the middle and not everyone is happy.

Julia and the boys won the Reward Challenge, and soon as I saw she went over to the boys, I knew she was trying to get a better position for herself. She’s playing both sides, but I see right through Julia. I can’t trust her as far as I can throw her.” (Aubry)

  1. Individual Immunity Challenge shows persistence is the key.

Individual Immunity is back up for grabs, and this weeks challenge required balance, speed and precision as the players were asked to step through an obstacle that had a balance beam in the middle, with the payers required to place large blocks along the beam that could fall like dominos.

Michelle looked to have an early lead, falling just short. Jason and Debbie both had opportunities to win with their blocks not falling correctly. In a story reminiscent of the tortoise and the hare, Julia took the slow and steady approach to win her first individual immunity and end speculation she could be next on the block, leaving Aubry and Cydney to consider who will be next.

The worst possible thing happened. Julia won. And my whole plan that I was positive of went out the window. Just out the window. What do I do now?” (Aubry)

  1. Brawn, Beauty, Brain girls align – Cydney, Michelle, Aubry and Julia come together.

Trust is not felt between all the girls on Dara beach, when Debbie reveals the plan to split the votes at Tribal Council. (Rightfully so, as Julia went and told the boys) Maybe the best is to target Debbie instead.

“Oh, no! Deb says, “This is the plan,” right in front of Julia, and that really scares me. In this scenario, the vote would be three for Scot, three for Tai and three that the boys decided. But Julia’s been playing double agent pretty well, and if one person goes awry, the whole thing blows up and someone you didn’t want to go home, totally gone.”

Joe will have no part of voting out Debbie.

Aubry said, “Well, should we take Debbie out?,” but there’s no need for that because we have such a viable force going. (Joe)

Michele draws back Julia. AS long as its not someone who she could potentially align with, maybe the possibility to go with the girls could be beneficial to her game this week. Cydney, Julia and Michele shake on their plan. It’s time for Julia to decide where to vote. Vote with for Cydney or Debbie.

I definitely feel like having my hands in different alliances has given me a lot of power. I have the power right now to send Debbie home, and I have the power right now to send Cydney home. Jason, Scot and Tai really want Cydney gone. I consider Cydney a huge threat because she kind of talks to everyone. But Debbie is someone I wanted gone eventually, so it’s kind of who I choose to vote for.” (Julia)

  1. Tribal Council

Where do alliances lie. Scot announces to a shocked tribal council that Tai has an idol and will be safe! Wait, now Jason has an idol and will also be safe. But will he play it for himself or Scot. Only rock, paper, scissors will decide.

Tribal descends into chaos, who will vote for who? Debbie nods and agrees with the plan. The votes are cast. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so. Jason hands over his idol to Tai, Tai accepts his idol and decides to sit down.

The votes are tallied and with five votes —including Julia’s—Debbie is voted out, leaving Joe distressed and the boys happily sitting back in delight.
Debbie, the tribe has spoken. Photo Credit (CBS)
Photo Credit: (CBS)
“Rarely is there a theme as strong as this season’s and it’s very clear, no matter how bad it seems, it doesn’t mean you’re out. No matter how safe you feel, it doesn’t mean you are.”
The Tribe has Spoken. Ponderosa Video: