Australian Survivor is just around the corner, with Channel 10 dropping the first inside look into the first Australian made season in a decade.

As we have reported earlier, Samoa will be the location for the upcoming season of Australian Survivor. Amongst other differences to the US version of the show, 24 castaways will be out on location for 55 days.

The advert also seemed to indicate that there will be 3 tribes. Red, Blue and Yellow.

The 2 minute advert showed quotes from the contestants.

“I’m a TEACHER, but i’m a STUDENT of this game.”

“I’m an INTELLIGENCE analyst, COVERT surveillance, DRUG ops.”

“Lie, Cheat, Steal.”

“I’d stick to my word I think.”

“Honesty can get you the full way, if you BELIEVE in yourself.”

“My leadership is where i’m INSPIRING people…and i’m pulling the strings.”

“Mateship’s EVERYTHING…Mateship is very very IMPORTANT.”

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