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By James Rowland

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Episode 3 Recap

Tony’s arrival on Redemption Island is greeted by Hannah. Oh the betrayal! Tony is hellbent on revenge… just as soon as he finds out who flipped on him.

Tony (photocredit Scott McAulay).png
Photo: Scott McAulay

Back at Mogotón, the tight 6 are convinced that their team spirit can will them to victory in the next few challenges, changing the tide of the game.

Over at Hermosa, the tribe is anything but unified. The two tribal elders Nate and Barb are still the odd ones out and need to try anything to change the tribe dynamic.

Nate is working on Shannon and laying out why flipping would be a good idea. Nate has the right strategy in pointing out the tight bond of Mike and Georgia to which Shannon does agree to. Shannon contemplates Nate’s thoughts and is open to playing the middle and not rule out any options yet.

Reward – Tarp, Coffee, Tea and all the Fixins’

A Survivor classic challenge ‘Hot Pursuit’ I love this challenge because there is so much strategy involved, there’s probably 80 different ways to play the challenge and the tribes are willing to try them all.

Mogoton (photocredit Scott McAulay) (13) (1)
Photo: Scott McAuley

The tribes huddle before the challenge, Nate is growing in frustration with how long the tribe is taking to decide who to sit out. He nominates himself, this also takes the heat off him if they don’t win.

Loading up on the stronger men within the tribe, Mogotón get within metres of the Hermosa tribe. Close but no cigaragua (Thanks Mr. Iadanza) the strategy backfires and within a short period of time Mogotón are caught.

Hermosa are delighted with the reward of coffee and a tarpaulin (i don’t think anyone has ever used the full word instead of ‘tarp’ on survivor, pesky kiwi’s).

Georgia (photocredit Scott McAulay)

Back at Camp

Captain Mike Sparrow is loving life on Hermosa, he has a tight five (millennial) alliance and is growing in confidence in his confessionals. Over confidence perhaps? Nate continues to try and gain a majority, slowly working Jak. Barb asks Jak who he would vote out from the majority, but Jak contines to play the tribe court jester and dodges the question.


Jak is doing a good job of playing dumb and it is working at the moment as Barb and Nate see no way he would work with them. The problem is if you overplay this hand, you could miss out on vital strategic chats as people do not see you as a competent player.

The Mogotón power struggle is intriguing as it seems there is a 3v3 battle between Tom, Avi and Izzy vs Sala, Shay and Lou. If they go to a tribal soon could we be in for a tie?

Sala is lighting up the mood quite literally with his ‘mallow puff bum cheeks!?’ (did i get that right? – also they really missed an opportunity to hashtag that).

-Redemption Island-

The duel on Redemption Island is viewed by Sala and Lou from Mogotón and Georgia and Shannon from Hermosa. Tony can’t wait to let his tribe know that he was really hurt by someone from his four turning on him, the word backstabbing is thrown around several times and he makes it very clear that if he gets back in the game he will be joining the Hermosa numbers for revenge.

Hannah and Georgia are literally leaning off the edge of their seats, relishing the info Tony is blurting out. The challenge begins and Tony is doing well, Georgia cheekily asks Sala and Lou who turned on Tony. Lou, who is still distressed from Tony’s anger tells Georgia it was Shay. Lou has given away vital information about someone she is tight with.

Tony beats Hannah 4-1 in the challenge and she is sent home to a round of applause. Tony consoles the only two people who were loyal to him, Sala and Lou and leaves the arena.

Hannah Tony Redemption Island (photocredit Scott McAulay) (51)


Episode 4 Recap

Sala and Lou return to camp and tell the others of Tony’s anger and resentment toward at the people who voted him out, especially Shay. Shay is seemingly shocked at his reaction!

Stacey Gif

Izzy is preparing a cake made of sand for Sala, who’s daughter is at home having her birthday. This is a nice gesture and it seems Sala really appreciates it. The problem in survivor is that the person who generally does something just out of the kindness of their heart is usually hurt by that exact act of kindness.

Georgia and Shannon return to Hermosa with a secret, do they tell their whole tribe the information Tony let loose at Redemption Island? The girls decide not to tell Nate and Barb the full details about Shay flipping, but do let them know of Tony’s desire to join the Hermosa numbers if he does return. Shannon decides that it’s in her best interest to stay with the five – which is smart but she needs to find her close three within the five. I believe Mike has Lee so she needs to work a bit harder on Jak and Georgia.

Jak takes toilet humour to the next level!

Immunity is back up for grabs.

The Immunity Challenge is set up for a hero to win it for their tribe. The endurance test is done by four members of each tribe and the last tribe standing win. This is one of those challenges that you can almost feel through the TV.

Challenge (photocredit Scott McAulay)
Photo: Scott McAuley

Jak sitting from the sidelines offers the cliché “pain is just weakness leaving the body!”, Thanks Jak.

Izzy and Tom fall for Mogotón, leaving Lou to battle it out against three Hermosa members. She fights so hard (I can’t believe she is only 18 with that endeavour and strength) but eventually loses out to Georgia and Mike.

Hermosa Challenge (photocredit Scott McAulay) (1)
Photo: Scott McAuley

Mogotón are devastated that they have to go to tribal again and leave their tribe with only five members. Morality starts wreaking havoc on the players as the options are so slim. Shay refuses to vote for Izzy and is pushing for Tom once again.

Mogoton Challenge (photocredit Scott McAulay) (4).jpg
Photo: Scott McAuley

Tom and Izzy have grown close, but it seems like the vote will be for one of them. Tom makes a plea with Lou and Izzy to see if they would consider voting out Shay but it seems Lou is having none of it. You are chatting to each other, one of you is going home, split the vote and make a move! 

The vote is cast and Izzy is sent home with a majority vote of three. Tom receives two votes and Shay casts a throwaway vote for Lou. Shay’s moral compass won’t allow her to vote for Izzy but she won’t go as far to go to rocks to save her.


On The Block:

Lou was the only one on the wrong side of the numbers now that Izzy is gone. Shay will have to recoup with her if she is still working toward voting Tom off.

On The Up:

Avi once again kept his ally Tom in the game while not disrupting his position in the majority.


On The Block:

I really see no way out for Nate, he seems to be the more dangerous out of he and Barb and it looks like Hermosa may even throw a challenge to vote him out.

On The Up:

Georgia had a strong two episodes in gathering the information from Lou and creating stronger bonds with Shannon. Her position in the five is very strong.

Until next week!