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By James Rowland

Instragram – @jrowl & Twitter – @jamrowl

This week on our Survivor New Zealand recap. Tony’s Warpath. We cut to Redemption Island where Izzy arrives to a grumpy Tony who can’t wait to tell another person his story. Have you heard that one before Izzy? I think she has.

SUR1_E05_Izzy gets some company on redemption island_Photo Credit Warner Bros

Back over on Mogotón, Shay is feeling confident that even though she has passed up on voting out her nemesis Tom three times, that there is ‘no doubt Tom will be gone next’. Shay and Tom’s relationship almost akin to Dr. Evil and Austin Powers, ‘I’ll get you next time, Mr. Powers!’.

Tom and Avi bring up the issue that Hermosa keep sitting out the same people (Producers. Think McFly, Think!) and if they ask Matt about this, will he make them stop doing it? Very strange to see this talk on the screen, something that perhaps could of been done in production prior to the game.


Hermosa are thinking strongly about throwing the next immunity challenge to ship off either Barb or Nate, as they are the clear two on the bottom. Not a bad idea to vote off the people that will obviously flip come a swap or merge – but try to at least make them feel a part of the conversation before you get the chance.

Reward Challenge – The one JT broke his tooth on!

The tribes initiate into their match-ups for the slingshot challenge. Nate makes an effort to chat to Sala about the game, as Nate really has nothing to lose at this stage. Sala dominates the challenge, catching 4 balls for his tribe and willing Mogotón on to their drought breaking challenge win.

Action shot (photocredit Scott MCaulay)
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Mogotón revel in their win. They enjoy using the fishing gear and boosting team morale. Catching five fish quickly doesn’t hurt either!

We see Lou with a large cut on her foot, she seems in a bit of discomfort but is eager to push on throughout the game.

Redemption Island: First Blood Part 2

Tony begins part two of story time, Izzy is laughing – me too. I really hope Rambo Tony stays, it’d be interesting to see if he could make every contestant that comes to Redemption Island laugh.

Rambo Tony.jpg

Tony and Izzy compete fiercely in the obstacle course. During the challenge the spectating contestants casually chat about how many fish they have been eating.

Izzy climbing in challewnge photocredit Scott McAulay
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Izzy beats out Tony and his quest for redemption is over. Well played Tony, the guy put everything he had into the game and you could see how badly he wanted it.

At Hermosa, Shannon is thinking down the road and how far she can truly get with the Millennial 5. She sees Michael as the one with his hand in all the cookie jars and that he needs to be the first to go at the merge.

Back at Mogotón. Lou has gone from bad to worse. Quivering in pain, she can barely move.  The Doctor comes to check on her. He determines that she needs to be assessed off the island and is sent away. We knew it was serious when Matt made his way down to Mogotón beach. We hold out hope that she may return if deemed fit enough – something not done in other formats of Survivor, but I am 100% okay with it.

SUR1_E05_The medics arrive_Photo Credit Warner Bros
Photo: Scott McAuley


At Hermosa, Barb has had enough. She can see the writing on the wall and knows that there is no inroads for her or Nate and at this point is happy to leave if things stay the same.

Tribe Swap

In Survivor things rarely stay the same for long. Drop your buffs! It’s time to “redraw tribes.” Everyone will draw buffs and one lone player will draw the black buff. Sent to Exile/Redemption Beach for 24 hours only to rejoin the tribe who next goes to Tribal Council and eliminates one of their own.

Matt tells the tribes that Lou will not be returning and that her time in the game is up – feel terrible for Lou, she was a great player and a joy to watch.

The tribes are broken down into:

New look Hermosa (photocredit Scott McAualay) (7)
New Hermosa: (Avi, Georgia, Barb, Sala, Nate.) Credit: Scott Mcaulay
New look Mogoton (photocredit Scott McAualay) (6)
Mogotón: (Lee, Mike, Shay, Tom, Jak.) Credit: Scott Mcaulay
Shannon goes to Redemption Island (photocredit Scott McAualay)
Exiled: Shannon. Credit: Scott Mcaulay

Immunity Challenge

The new tribes compete in their first Immunity Challenge where they must work together to manoeuvre across the sand using only barrels and planks – a great challenge to see who can work together effectively after just combining together.

Teams pre-challenge (photocredit Scott McAualay) (2)
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The challenge starts off close but Mogotón get into a quick rhythm and really smoke Hermosa to win immunity.

Mogoton wins (photocredit Scott McAulay)
www.scottmcaulay.com +64(27)6241733

The dynamics on the new Mogotón quickly fall into place, Shay is clearly on the outs as Tom has found his new core and he looks safer than he did just a few hours earlier. Shay really was gunning for Tom but left it too late. To compound the issue, Shay has to watch four grown men stammer around like it’s the Planet of the Apes as she deals with an open wound with a small cuts her foot! Sorry Shay.

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia!

Hermosa have a clear person on the bottom… Georgia! She is in a terrible position and it looks like there isn’t much hope. Barb has reversed her decision on wanting to leave, now that the numbers have flipped. 

Georgia makes a play to officer Nate with a knife by her side. This is a funny exchange and good character moment for Nate who is uncomfortable with the knife but still laughing about it.

Tribal Council

Hermosa at Tribal Council (photocredit Scott McAulay)
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Georgia makes one last ditch effort at tribal, to try and persuade Nate and Barb to vote off Sala or Avi as they will become threats at the merge. Nate does seem to ponder the idea but Barb is having absolutely none of it. She is almost smiling at tribal, waiting to vote off Georgia and diminish what was the tight 5.

Georgia is voted off unanimously and sent to Redemption Island, ready for her duel with Izzy. Will this be the last time we see Georgia? “I don’t know about that!”

Georgia votesd out (photocredit Scott McAulay)
www.scottmcaulay.com +64(27)6241733


On the up: Barb and Nate have gone from 0 to 100 faster than any survivor I can remember in recent history.

On the block: Sala is in trouble as he is so loveable and I believe Shannon can work her way back into the majority.


On the up: The 3 guys have stayed in their position of power but Tom has gone from being the next to go to at least now having a lifeline.

On the block: The same way Georgia was in the majority but got swapped into a less than favourable position, I feel Shay has been put in the same position at Mogotón.

Until next week!