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Survivor New Zealand |Week 6 Episode 13 & 14 Recap

By James Rowland

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In the initial aftermath of the blindside of Sala we have a few strong reactions from the tribe members. Avi goes on a full rant on how he trusted Nate, Barb and Shannon and he could not believe how they’d do this to him. A rant we’ve seen many times before on survivor. Do these people forget that the game has the tagline “outwit, outplay, outlast”?

Avi thought he could be a nice guy and make it to the end of the game with his alliance members, a strategy that rarely works. It rarely works because the nice guy will be targeted as no one wants to go against them in the final three!

Tom and Jak are feeling pretty chuffed over what happened at tribal last night, hoping to target Avi next. Jak’s bold move of pointing at clouds to pretend he wasn’t talking about strategy was hilarious, Tom’s response of ‘what a giveaway that is’ was just as good! Funny moment.

Barb now believes that the game has become too easy, the people she is playing with aren’t doing well and she can just sit in the hammock and not worry about being targeted. The whole Barb the Godfather, having people visit her office was great too, good stuff from the editing team.

Barb at camp (photocredit Scott McAulay)
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Next up we have Shay who is still quite upset over the blindside of her close ally, “All rules went out the window last night… everyone is in this game for themselves” ARE YOU KIDDING ME SHAY!? Of course everyone is in this game for themselves, people aren’t out there to get to the final four and then say, “Nah it’s cool guys, Sala is a good bloke so vote me out here and let him win.

Redemption Island

Everyone attends the duel between Mike and Sala. Sala wants some clarity on who voted him out but also offers the fact that he is not hurt and understands why he was voted out.

Mike on the other hand, finally with the chance to tell Shannon how he feels, comes down hard on her. Mike calls her out for lying and calling her a fake person. Shannon is pretty hurt by Mike’s words which will affect her outcome for the rest of the game.

New Zealand survivors are really harsh on integrity, I can’t say it enough that the game is not about integrity and never has been. Mike was pissed off that he was bested and needed to let the person who got him feel his wrath. That’s fine, but don’t pretend it was ever about honor, you’re pissed off because you got beat.

The memory challenge is played and Sala reveals too many open tiles to Mike in the beginning, Mike takes out the challenge very comfortably and his hopes of re-entering the game stay alive. Sala is sent to the jury to an applause from the remaining members of the game. Sala was so well liked and you can really see it here.


Back at camp, Avi is having a heart to heart conversation with Nate. You can see Avi’s strength as a social player clearly here, where he makes sure Nate remembers that everyone is out for themselves. Nate relates with Avi, understanding his previous frustration and wants to continue working with him.

Immunity challenge

This is a proper throwback challenge, where the host tells a tale of history from Nicaragua and the survivors’ must answer questions and if they are correct, gather gold medallions. The whole aesthetic is very ominous, playing at night against the backdrop of the jungle with fire spread across the challenge. Tom once again dominates, he gives no one else a chance when he answers every question correctly to win his second immunity in a row.


Tom really does save himself here. Nate has a plan to keep feeding Mike his mates so if Mike does get back in the game he does not have many ally’s to help keep him in the game. It was going to be Tom, so it switches to Jak.

Avi is on the acting trail now, letting Jak and Tom think that it will be Avi going tonight. Jak is feeling confident enough to bring out the infamous loincloth, asking the tribe “should I wear this to tribal?”.

Nate brings up to Avi that he wants to tell Jak that he will be going home. Don’t do it Nate!

Tribal Council

THE LOINCLOTH MAKES IT!! Jak’s blurred butt makes it’s way into tribal. The whole tribe, who would usually be really tense start cracking up laughing. Even Matt gets in on the laughter, unable to hold back. Matt does ask Jak about it, wondering if he’s perhaps too confident in wearing that at tribal. Jak plays it off with another joke.

Avi tells Matt he is feeling nervous, but he really isn’t. He is feeling confident tonight and his social game has bought him enough votes to feel confident. There is more smoke and mirrors from Nate, saying the game is “predictably unpredictable”.

TRIBAL COUNCIL Matt collects the votes (photocredit Scott McAulay)
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Jak is voted out unanimously and while he looks upset about it, cracks (pun intended) a smile on his way out.

Episode 14

There is a bit of talk around the next vote potentially being Barb. The tribe thinks that she is a goat for the final three – um… how? And it would be better to remove her before she gets dragged to the end. Could Nate turn on his closest ally?

Immunity Challenge

We get to the immunity challenge, oh and by the way why hasn’t there been a reward in like six days? bit rough really.

The contestants must run into the jungle and retrieve bags of sandbags and throw them into boxes of increasing distances. Tom absolutely smashes everyone out of the water (again) and wins his third immunity in a row. Tom is quite clearly a challenge beast by this point.

POST CHALLENGE Casar (photocredit Scott McAulay)
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Back at camp

We hear from Shannon who is fighting with herself at this point. Shannon came into the game with a clear plan to betray people and vote out threats. She is now feeling bad about that strategy because the people around her (except for Barb) are all about honour and integrity – give me a spell.

Tom who is now in a strong position with his immunity win, reconnects with Avi. They agree that the smart move would be to take out Shannon now, as they think they can get further with Shay. Nate and Barb are are unsure about the vote and would prefer to vote Shay out.

Shannon does gather that there is doubt about tonights vote, she hopes to vote out Barb but has lost her cutthroat nature to really force the issue.

Shay does her best to reconnect with Tom, the same guy she’s been trying to vote out since day one. Funny how things work in survivor. Tom works this conversation well, he exploits Shay’s outreach and gets her to say that she would not want to take Avi to the end. Vital information for Tom to use how he pleases.

Tribal Council

Entering tribal, I have no idea who would leave. It could of easily been Barb, Shannon or Shay and I would not of been shocked.

Shannon tells Matt that she is grappling with the nature of the game. She tells us that she was playing hard but now she has stopped. Matt asks Nate wether you can make it to the end and be honest with everyone, to which he responds ‘I don’t think you can be honest with everyone’.

The votes are read and Shannon is voted out 4-2. Shannon let Mike’s words at redemption get to her and put her foot off the gas pedal, she found her conscience at the wrong time and it led to her demise, which really sucks.

TRIBAL COUNCIL Shannon eliminated (photocredit Scott McAulay) (2)
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Thoughts heading into next week

With only five people remaining, the person returning from redemption island has to come soon, I’m hoping the winner next week re-enters the game or else it will be too chaotic if it happens at the final 4.

Tom is still vulnerable as a challenge competitor, I wonder if he loses if his alliance with Avi will be enough to keep him safe.

Shay was left out in the cold on this vote, She voted for Barb and it will be interesting to see where so votes next time.

Barb should go next, she has made the biggest moves and in my opinion has the biggest case to win. Although the people out there don’t think the same.

See ya next week, survivor lovers.