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Introducing the 1st annual Jonnies awards, recognising excellence in the fields of gameplay, mateship and snakeship. At the start of 2017, the Patrons of the Australian Survivor Community podcast voted on 6 categories to determine the inaugural winners of the highly prestigious JONNIES awards, named after legendary Australian Survivor Host Jonathan LaPaglia.

The 6 categories were

  • Best Snake of 2016
  • Annual Peoples award for “Mateship” 2016
  • Queen – Favourite Female Player of 2016
  • King – Favourite Male Player of 2016
  • Pre-Merge Player you’d like to return.
  • Mayor of Jury Villa

After much consultation the votes are in. I’ll go COUNT the votes.

Best “Snake” of 2016 & Mayor of Jury Villa (Favourite Jury Member)

Nick Iadanza

survivor_bio_nike_largeIn a tightly fought contest, it’s only fitting that the man who was labelled the Snake during the season would end up with the illustrious honour of taking out this category. Nick and the fans of Australian Survivor wear the snake badge proudly as a symbol of truly playing this game. Well done Nick, forever the OG Snake of Australian Survivor. Nick also took out our Mayor of Jury Villa as the fans favourite Jury member.

Hear Nick’s 2016 Deep Dive Podcast reflecting on his game.

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The Peoples Annual “Mateship” award of 2016

Lee Carseldine


Lee hit this one out of the park for 6, this was not even close. Lee was the epitome of Mateship on Australian Survivor. Loyal, hard-working and committed to his word and true alliance in El. Some would argue he was unlucky not to be awarded the Crown of 2016 Sole Survivor, however the consolation prize of picking up his first JONNIE should take pride of place amongst the many sporting accolades of his career. Congratulations on picking up this prestigious award.

Hear Lee’s 2016 Deep Dive Podcast reflecting on his game.

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Queen of the Jungle (Favourite Female Player of Australian Survivor 2016) & Pre-Merge Player who needs a Second Chance

Phoebe Timmins


With a whopping 58.18% of the vote Phoebe not only takes out Female Fan Favourite she also picked up a  second Jonnie for Player Pre-Merge fans want to see play again. Despite falling at the last hurdle on the dying days of Vavau pre-merge, Phoebe made an impact! Finding idols, manipulating her competition Phoebe was a force out on the island. The fans have spoken and picked their Queen of Australian Survivor 2016.

Hear Phoebe’s 2016 Deep Dive Podcast reflecting on her game.

King of the Jungle (Favourite Male Player of Australian Survivor 2016)

Craig I’Anson


In a tightly contested category Craig narrowly captured the crown of King of Australian Survivor 2016. The B… stole his idol and we lost a fan favourite before the merge. But despite not making the merge, the impression Craig left on the game was unquestionable. From his relationship with JL and Sue “Game on Mole!” to his funny confessionals, Craig left his mark on the season.

Hear Craig’s 2016 Deep Dive Podcast reflecting on his game.

The JONNIES will be back!


The JONNIES will be back, bigger and better during January and this year, the voting will be accessible to you the people. Subscribe to our website or podcast or join our group on facebook (Australian Survivor Superfan Community) to see the details.


Until next time the community has spoken.