Welcome to Week 7 of our 2017 Australian Survivor Power Rankings!

Your three Power Rankers for this season are superfans – aka #SurvivorAU megafans, James ‘I’ll get on the show one day’ Rowland, the easily confused Jonathan Sloan, along with first-time watcher Josh Willett.

This season, three of us will take a weekly look at each player left in the game, ranking them in order from most likely – least likely to win the game as of the end of the weeks’ action.

The scoring system is pretty simple; each ranker receives points correlating to the Survivor’s ranking the week they are voted out. For example, if the next person voted out was Anneliese, James would score 1 point, Jonathan would score 2 and Josh would score 4. At the end of the season, the highest scorer wins.

This segment, and this website in general, is all about feedback, so please comment/tweet about who you agree with, and make this a real discussion between the fan community.

Before ranking each player, Jonathan has taken a look at each person and listed their allies and how likely they are to work with them from most to least.

PeterTessa, Jarrad, Sarah, Tara, Ziggy, Locky, Anneliese, Henry, Jericho, Luke, Michelle

MichelleLuke, Jericho, Jarrad, Sarah, Ziggy, Anneliese, Tessa, Tara, Peter, Locky, Henry

LockyHenry, Anneliese, Tara, Ziggy, Sarah, Peter, Jarrad, Tessa, Luke, Jericho, Michelle

JerichoLuke, Sarah, Tara, Michelle, Henry, Peter, Anneliese, Locky, Jarrad, Tessa, Ziggy

HenryLocky, Anneliese, Ziggy, Sarah, Jarrad, Jericho, Peter, Tessa, Tara, Luke, Michelle

Tessa Jarrad, Peter, Ziggy, Anneliese, Locky, Tara, Henry, Sarah, Jericho, Michelle, Luke

TaraLocky, Sarah, Anneliese, Peter, Jericho, Luke, Henry, Michelle, Jarrad, Tessa, Ziggy

JarradTessa, Peter, Ziggy, Anneliese, Locky, Michelle, Henry, Tara, Jericho, Sarah, Luke

Sarah Tara, Henry, Anneliese, Peter, Jericho, Luke, Michelle, Locky, Tessa, Jarrad, Ziggy

Luke Jericho, Michelle, Tara, Sarah, Henry, Peter, Locky, Ziggy, Anneliese, Tessa, Jarrad

AnnelieseSarah, Locky, Henry, Tara, Ziggy, Peter, Jarrad, Tessa, Jericho, Luke, Michelle

ZiggyJarrad, Tessa, Peter, Locky, Henry, Anneliese, Tara, Michelle, Sarah, Jericho, Luke

Competition Standings (Up until the end of episode 15) – Odette voted out this week.

1. James – 62 Points ( up 3)

2. Jonathan – 51 Points ( up 3)

2. Josh – 51 Points ( up 4)

Merged Tribe


James Rowland



Jonathan Sloan



Josh Willett



1 Anneliese Wilson Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame
2 Sarah Tilleke Anneliese Wilson Jarrad Seng
3 Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame Jericho Malabonga Jericho Malabonga
4 Jarrad Seng Sarah Tilleke Anneliese Wilson
5 Tessa O’Halloran Jarrad Seng Sarah Tilleke
6 Peter Conte Henry Nicholson Tessa O’Halloran
7 Henry Nicholson Locky Gilbert Peter Conte
8 Locky Gilbert Tessa O’Halloran Michelle Dougan
9 Luke Toki Peter Conte Henry Nicholson
10 Jericho Malabonga Tara Pitt Locky Gilbert
11 Michelle Dougan Luke Toki Luke Toki
12 Tara Pitt Michelle Dougan Tara Pitt


  1. Anneliese is in a good position having the bond with Henry and Locky, now that Sarah and Tara are coming she might be able to create a new 5 alliance and pull in someone like Michelle to create strong numbers. I believe she also has the flexibility to not be too pushy on voting out a single person and isn’t seen as an immunity threat. Not to mention that idol that only Henry knows about.
  2. Sarah was in big trouble this week, she only really made it to the merge by the skin of her teeth. Now that she has made it though she has much more to play with. Tara spilled her guts to Sarah so she has her in her pocket, she also has the bond with Anneliese. Sarah should find her way into the majority and definitely has the resume to win if she gets to the final tribal council.
  3. Ziggy hasn’t done herself any favours in taking the target off her back considering her DOMINANT challenge performances, not to mention her super idol. Henry has spoken about wanting to target Ziggy but I think she will pip him before that happens. I could see a scenario where Henry plays his idol and Ziggy cancels it out. Ziggy is probably the biggest lock to win if she makes it to the end.
  4. Jarrad got the old crew back together! Peter coming back solidifies that he is with his alliance and now they have a strong 4 to plan their next move. Will Jarrad identify that Luke will want to target Henry and scoop him and Jericho up to make that move happen?
  5. Tessa has continued her under the radar play for quite a while now. I think her alliance is poised to make a move for the power. I would love to see her bond with Jericho to try and take out a threat.
  6. Peter is interesting, he was clearly on the outs at Asaga and therefore will find it hard to trust any of them in the merge. I’m worried Peter might try and push for an easy vote in Jericho or Luke which might leave his alliance on the wrong side of the numbers.
  7. Henry is coming into the merge with a small contingent of strong Allies in Locky, Anneliese and potentially Sarah. He is probably the number one target to win the game and he will likely be the first one targeted at the merge, although he has an idol to help him along the way.
  8. Locky will come into the merge with a decent target on his back as the alpha male even though he hasn’t really proven himself to be a challenge threat. Being lumped with the dangerous Henry will probably be his undoing. I also don’t think he adapts well when put under pressure.
  9. Henry, Locky and co. will be coming hard for Luke in this coming week, but don’t expect Luke to back down. Peter will be hesitant to work with Luke after he planned on voting him out and it might be the wrench that Luke finds hard to overcome.
  10. Jericho is down in the numbers and it does worry me that he preached ‘Asaga blood’ at the challenge. He needs to prove that he will work with Samatau people (because he doesn’t have a choice).
  11. Michelle will be glad to see Luke and Jericho again, she will run straight to them to figure out her next move. I could see this first merge vote as a bit of an anyone but me scenario though and Michelle could be the odd one out.
  12. Tara doesn’t have the game nous to make a move on her own. It’s lucky that Sarah will likely want to ally with Tara’s old mates from Samatau so she can easily go along with that plan. I can’t see Tara winning the game under any circumstance.


  1. Ziggy has working relationships with basically everyone in the game, aside from Sarah, Luke and Jericho. Add to that that she has a super-powered idol and is bound to be a beast in the individual challenges coming up, and Ziggy is the firm favourite heading into the merge.
  2. The most valuable part of Anneliese’s game come merge time is that I can’t see anybody looking at her as a threat. Also has an idol, and close allies on both tribes.
  3. Jericho is far too wholesome for Survivor. He just wants everyone to get along, which is unrealistic, but he’s not really on anybody’s radar right now. I don’t like that he told Luke that he was using him as a shield though.
  4. Huge week for Sarah. Could have easily been screwed over by Peter after his mutiny, but managed to save herself by swallowing her pride and working with Luke. And if these two go to war post-merge, I’m pretty sure Sarah will emerge on top.
  5. Another strong, silent week for Jarrad. My concern is that he’s been so ingrained in an alliance with Tessa, Peter and Ziggy for so long, that he just may not have enough numbers come merge time.
  6. In my ideal world, Henry gets a really good group of solid allies and rides this all the way to the end. However, this is Survivor, and we don’t really get nice things, so he’s probably going to be target no. 1 at the merge. He still has an idol though.
  7. Locky seems to have improved heaps since AK left, even just in that he can play nicely with others now. Unfortunately, he’s going to look like a very tempting target at the first post-merge vote.
  8. Ever since Tarzan left, I’m yet to see any development from Tessa, either from a character or a strategic perspective. Lovely girl, but at the moment seems like she’s just making up the numbers.
  9. Jumping ship was definitely the right move for Peter in my opinion, because he really was a sitting duck at Asaga. What his mistake is, is that he seemed to just go running back to Jarrad and Tessa instead of making some new links.
  10. Tara’s not on anybody’s radar at the moment which is great for her, but she’s notoriously clueless, and I could easily see her being collateral damage should votes be split in case of an idol.
  11. I’ve been a big Luke fan, but this week was not a good showing. Luke really should have gotten rid of Sarah. The optimistic Survivor fan in me wants the two of them to pair up, but I really can’t see that being good for Sarah’s long term game.
  12. There’s not a lot of upside left in Michelle’s game. Could be an easy first merge boot, given how clustered the relationships are right now.


  1. If we learned anything this week, it’s that Ziggy is an absolute beast in the challenges, and I’m pretty much backing her in to win anything and everything from here on in. On top of that, even if she somehow gets done, she’s got her super idol and her other garden variety idol to keep her safe for a while.
  2. Jarrad’s game has been perfect for keeping under the radar come the merge. He’s got plenty of mates in the majority that is the former Samatau, and should have no trouble getting along with the Asaga people.
  3. Jericho is in a pretty similar spot as Jarrad. He’s seems like a human version of a puppy dog, just so uncorrupted and innocent. Except for his willingness to use Luke as a meat shield. That was pretty dark… but it’s definitely not a bad tactic.
  4. Anneliese will be pretty happy with her game so far. Having spent time in both camps she’s got friends everywhere, plus a cheeky idol up her sleeve that should stand her in good stead for a while to come.
  5. The pasta lunch looks fairly handy right now for Sarah, her alliances in Asaga look shaky at best but now that she has an “in” with the Samatau crew in Peter, I think she’s got the social game to stick around for a while.
  6. Tessa is a well-established member within the group, and she seems to be pretty switched on in the way that she’s playing. I think she’ll be one who flies under the radar while the big guns take each other out.
  7. Peter may have caused some bad blood by ditching Asaga, but he’s been welcomed back by the Samatau group and for me, he’s one of the few mid-tier players who are safe for the time being.
  8. I don’t really know much about Michelle still. I know she managed to throw Ben under the bus and that she claims she has good social game – let’s see that game put in to action this week. She’ll need it given her struggles in challenges so far.
  9. Everyone knows how dangerous Henry is, we’ve seen confessionals from both sides about how much of a threat they see him as and his former Asaga alliance has fallen to pieces. Yes he’s in with Anneliese, Ziggy and Locky for now, but I think there’s a chance he’ll cop for a genuine blindside if he’s not careful.
  10. Locky is obviously a unit and could be a chance of winning a challenge or two, but his strength could clearly work against him because of his obvious threat.
  11. The meat shield himself, Luke’s game of organised chaos might struggle at the merge if he can’t manage to get the numbers across in the ex-Samatau players. His neurotic vibes might scare a few people and I think he may be one of the first to go.
  12. For Tara, spending time in both camps may not necessarily have been a good thing. She seems to be good at pushing buttons, and the Samatau crowd have already voted her out once. I don’t see any reason why they won’t do it again.

What do you think? Are we close at all or way off? Who has the best chance to win our competition?

Thanks for reading!