Welcome to Week 9 of our 2017 Australian Survivor Power Rankings!

Your three Power Rankers for this season are superfans – aka #SurvivorAU megafans, James ‘I’ll get on the show one day’ Rowland, the easily confused Jonathan Sloan, along with first-time watcher Josh Willett.

This season, three of us will take a weekly look at each player left in the game, ranking them in order from most likely – least likely to win the game as of the end of the weeks’ action.

The scoring system is pretty simple; each ranker receives points correlating to the Survivor’s ranking the week they are voted out. For example, if the next person voted out was Jericho, James would score 2 points, Jonathan would score 3 and Josh would score 1. At the end of the season, the highest scorer wins.

This segment, and this website in general, is all about feedback, so please comment/tweet about who you agree with, and make this a real discussion between the fan community.

Competition Standings (Up until the end of episode 21) – Tessa, Sarah, Luke voted out this week.

1. James – 82 Points ( up 8)

2. Jonathan – 79 Points ( up 15)

3. Josh – 76 Points ( up 10)



James Rowland



Jonathan Sloan



Josh Willett



1 Michelle Dougan Tara Pitt Jericho Malabonga
2 Jericho Malabonga Michelle Dougan Peter Conte
3 Tara Pitt Jericho Malabonga Michelle Dougan
4 Peter Conte Peter Conte Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame
5 Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame Locky Gilbert Tara Pitt
6 Locky Gilbert Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame Locky Gilbert


  1. As we get to the pointy end of the season, can I just say, how bloody good has this season been! Alliances changing up every episode with almost zero predictability. It really shows in people like Michelle. She is playing on her emotions and it’s making the game crazy! Her alliance left her out of the plan to vote out Tessa which infuriated her. Even though she acted out, it gives her a scalp in Sarah that she can put on her resume. She also showed her flexibility in the Luke and didn’t push too hard to save him because it would not be worth it. 
  2. Jericho lost his buddy this week which really is devastating. You would think this would make him the next to go, but in this season alliances don’t seem to stick together for more than one vote, post-merge. I think he will pile on the locky vote-off train.
  3. Tara finally showed up! She realised that her bond with Locky, while comfortable was not enough to give her the jury votes she needed. It is truly unlucky that he won immunity because this was Tara’s move to make. Have they left it too late to get him out though?
  4. Peter hasn’t rocked the boat too hard and I believe he is in a positon to coast to the end. Which puts him in a pickle… does he go for the big move to bolster his resume? Or does he continue with the status quo to keep himself safe? If he does the latter, I can’t see him winning.
  5. Ziggy got a bit nervy and played her idol prematurely this week. I don’t blame her but it does put her in a precarious position. I believe she is the bigger physical threat than Locky but she needs to play it off that she is not. The others are aware of her challenge power and I can’t see her making it to the final 2/3.
  6. Locky saved his butt with that memory challenge this week. I really did like seeing Locky playing a bit more of a sneaky game this week. He is learning the game really well as he goes. The problem is he is not downplaying his strength. His only hope is Ziggy pushing the ‘shield’ tactic but even so the numbers are too scarce to make that happen.


  1. Legitimately why would you vote Tara out at this point? What worries me is that when she does get dragged to the end, I genuinely think that Tara will believe that she dominated the season. Enjoy that sweet runner up cash though, it’s more than any of us are getting.
  2. ……..Is Michelle somehow winning? I can kind of see a Kristie edit building, and there are some impressive things on her resume, but I really don’t think that a Michelle win would be good for the show. Sure she’s played well, but the public has not been enjoying her gameplay, and two seasons in a row with an UTR female winner, on top of disappointing ratings could spell the end for Australian Survivor.
  3. I’ve really enjoyed watching Jericho this season, but he’s sent the whole game with an enormous shield in Luke. I’m not certain how well he’s gonna play now that he’s all alone, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.
  4. Of the six that are left, I feel like we’ve seen far less than Peter than anybody else. I can’t really see a track to a win for Pete, but I can definitely see a track to the end.
  5. It’s surprised me just how much I’ve enjoyed watching Locky grow this season. I’m always partial to the challenge beasts, so I was already rooting for him, but he’s also got some good strategic skills that I don’t think we expected coming into the season. His blind trust for Tara however, is a huge mistake.
  6. Oh Ziggy. I bet re-watching this week was tough. This whole post merge just hasn’t gone well, and unless she wins her way to the end, I can’t see her surviving much longer.


  1. I’m really curious about to see how Jeri will go without Luke, his best mate and meat shield, now that he is gone. I think he’s a smart player and not a priority at the moment as far as threats. If the ex-Samatau players decide to stick together he could be in some trouble but I think he’ll be able to read the situation okay.
  2. Peter is an interesting one because he’s come so far, but he’s kind of just coasted along with his majority, and doesn’t really have much of a resume to speak of. I think he needs a big week moves to make his trip worthwhile and to push his case heading into the business end of the competition.
  3. 3 As annoying as she is, Michelle had a good week this week. I know she’s claiming the credit for pretty much everything that has happened, but she’s definitely been at least partially responsible for the demise of some big players like Sarah. Despite this, I think there’s still other threats that will go before she does, so she might be safe for the time being.
  4. Ziggy is probably the strongest players left in this game, but if this week is anything to go by, she could be in some trouble. She’s a massive physical threat that if she gets through this week I’m backing her in to go all the way.
  5. Tara is genuinely just a lamb to the slaughter here. I’m not sure she has the ability to win any challenges, and looks to be on the bottom save for Locky and maybe Ziggy. She thinks she has some control in the game but could find herself surprised when she cops the boot sooner rather than later.
  6. Locky has already survived an attempted “assassination”, but he’s going to need to keep winning immunity because the only thing keeping the tribe together at the moment is their combined goal to oust him. I think he’ll be the next big player to go.


What do you think? Are we close at all or way off? Who has the best chance to win our competition?

Thanks for reading!