Welcome to the final week of our 2017 Australian Survivor Power Rankings!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following along each week and interacting with us through social. We really appreciate the interaction and had so much fun debating this awesome game we all love. 

Your three Power Rankers for this season have been – James ‘I’ll get on the show one day’ Rowland, the easily confused Jonathan Sloan, along with first-time watcher Josh Willett.

This season, the three of us took a weekly look at each player left in the game, ranking them in order from most likely – least likely to win the game.

The scoring system was calculated from most likely – least likely to go each week.

Competition Standings (Up until the end of episode 23) – Ziggy and Locky voted out this week.

1. James – 93 Points ( up 11)

2. Jonathan – 90 Points ( up 11)

3. Josh – 86 Points ( up 10)



James Rowland



Jonathan Sloan



Josh Willett



1 Jericho Malabonga Jericho Malabonga Jericho Malabonga
2 Tara Pitt Michelle Dougan Michelle Dougan
3 Michelle Dougan Peter Conte Tara Pitt
4 Peter Conte Tara Pitt Peter Conte


  1.  Jericho is the biggest player left out of the four remaining players. He did the smart thing in taking out the two big threats during the week when there was a push from Locky to shake things up. He’s got plenty of friends on the jury and I believe they perceive him in a positive light. While his awkward anecdotes at tribal may seem trivial, this makes the players and jury think that Jericho is playing hard and won’t back down. Perception is reality and as long as he can make it to the end, he should win.
  2. I gave Tara no chance just a few weeks ago. I felt she was just going with the flow and sticking with her best friend Locky. Since then Tara has proven she has the game nous to take out threats and not listen to the ridiculous argument of ‘to be the best you’ve got to beat the best’. The only issue is, do the jury think Tara has made moves or did she leave it too late? I don’t see her being targeted and I have a feeling she will make the final tribal council
  3. There is a sense of invincibility when you win that immunity necklace. The players have spoken about this several times and while it’s great to be immune, it can also make you do silly things. Michelle may of been 99% sure Locky didn’t have an idol but she played on the presumption that if that 1% came off and he had an idol, that she’d be solid. I see the rationale to a point, as Locky is emotional and it would of worked. The problem is now that it backfired she could be the next ‘easy vote’ as she voted against Peter. In saying that, If she makes it to the end I think she is real threat to take it out.
  4. Peter has really played the game in the textbook way for Australian Survivor. In the 55 day game format, you want to basically cause zero waves for the first 39 days. Peter did that. He went with the flow and stayed in the majority enough to not be voted out. The issue is that while subtle gameplay doesn’t paint a target on your back, it also doesn’t make the jury feel like you’ve actually made the moves you claim you did. We’ve seen it countless times. Even though Peter may of made it happen, it doesn’t matter unless the Jury perceive this to be true.
    The only thing that gives Peter a chance is a highly articulate and calm final tribal that clearly outlines his plays while he strokes the egos of the Henry’s and Locky’s of the jury.


  1. Jeri’s the obvious fan favourite left in the competition, and at this point still hasn’t received a vote. He’s got a huge chance against any of the other three in the final vote, and should be the odds on favourite to take out these last few Immunity Challenges.
  2. Michelle’s strategic game has been shown to the viewers, but I’m not sure how much it’s been identified by the other players. I don’t think she beats Jericho, but has a real chance against the other two.
  3. Locky’s parting message to the jury about Peter being a goat is interesting, because I’m not sure whether we’re meant to side with him or not. He’s the biggest competition for Jericho in the challenges, and will definitely need to win at least one to make the jury appreciate his game. Probably has Jarrad/Anneliese/Tessa locked in, but the other votes will be tricky.
  4. Just, no. Very likely to get second place, losing 8-1 to somebody else, given that Locky is convinced that she’s played a good game, for some reason. I don’t know what show he’s been watching.


  1. Jeri just has to win it from here. He’s made the biggest moves of the top 4, and I feel like he was definitely the loveable little brother of the tribe – which we saw in his little snorkelling expedition – and I think it will play well with the jury. He’s a got a really good shot at the win.
  2. It’s just bizarre to think that Michelle goes into finale week with one of the best resumes. She’s somehow the only person left that has won an individual immunity, and she’s also been playing the field pretty well socially since merge –  could be a sneaky chance of the win if something happens to Jeri.
  3. I feel like while Tara thinks she’s been making moves, she’s kind of more been playing along with other people’s moves. She’s been the swing vote a few times which probably works in her favour, but I don’t think she’s played a good enough game to be the Sole Survivor.
  4. While I’d rather use the term goat to describe someone like Nathan Lyon or Michael Jordan, I’m really getting around it after the slugfest that was the last tribal council. Peter must know that by the very definition, that’s his game play. I don’t see him winning it from here. Baaaaaaaaaa.

Who’s going to be the sole power ranker? Let us know.

Thanks for reading!