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Exit Interview with Roark Luskin



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Podcast Transcript.

Ryan: On the line patching in the fifth place finisher of Survivor HHH. Roark. Roark how are you going?

Roark: Hi Ryan! I spent a lot of time in your country.

Ryan: I heard that you were here for a while. How long were you in Brisbane for?

Roark: Yeah. Brisbane for three and a half weeks.

Ryan: Wow. Far out. Well that’s a good time.

Roark: We flew back to the U.S. on May 12. We were there mostly through April. The most fun was on Anzac Day.

Ryan: Oh ANZAC day is a very fun day. It’s like our military day for people who are listening from the States. It’s a fun one. But Roark, I want to get into this properly and I want to ask you about your game. How are you feeling now having watched last night.

Roark: You know I feel pretty good. I think you know as boot episodes go it was a pretty good one. I think I’m proud of what you know. It’s always nice when you’re consuming something that’s an edited product for you to be able to look at and say look I recognize that person and I really recognize myself you know those are my facial expression, those are my words. I am very very pleased with how the story was told.

Ryan: That’s really interesting I guess in terms of you are a big fan of Survivor and watching yourself on screen for the five episodes you’re on. Do you feel like you were presented in the way that you had hoped to be presented or do you feel like because of your positioning that your narrative didn’t come through?

Roark: It’s funny I remember in my Rourke the day after video I was the producer asked me what was it… what regrets do you have about your game? And I kind of laugh I was like did I play a game? Because I was not there for that… You know I just really feel if I did we never went to Tribal with healers. I was doing a ton of little stuff behind the scenes training to throw a challenge. I wanted to I was feeding some paranoia with Joe about Dr. Mike. I was really really working. And I feel like I never got a chance to get started. And so I think like again as a fan that’s kind of my own cross to bear that I had this experience and I’m so grateful and I loved, you know I don’t regret it for a minute but I never really I think I never got to really play the game. I feel like I totally understand what you are saying because even though you were there for five episodes you never had that successful tribal council so you went out the very first Tribal Council that you went through so I feel like playing Survivor is almost always that thrill of making that vote getting someone out and going for it progressing through that so I can understand that you feel like you haven’t had that whole experience.

Ryan: Yeah exactly. I do want to ask you talking about early healers days then. Can you talk about the relationships with people like Desi with someone that you’re working with pretty well who with the people that you would trying to align with originally on your original tribe..

Roark: Desi was my ride or die and she and I were just had a beautiful working relationship. Jessica pulled us aside pretty much the moment we docked on day one and said (she’s so cute). She’s like “I don’t really want to be super strategic but I think you should stick together” and we’re like OK great. Totally fine. And you know as you can see it’s I mean it’s so funny because Chrissy sort of threatened JP with an all girls alliance even though as you saw I never mentioned that. Then Ryan was sort of afraid of it as well. But for a different reason and it was because he was thinking a couple of steps ahead and had watched me and Ali bond he probably safely assumed that I had bonded similarly with Jessica and Desi and he viewed myself Ali, Jess and Desi as reuniting. And his point was well where am I? You know where Ryan in that picture and even though I’d never declared a girls alliance and I guess those four people are all female but you’re a viewer. You can see this. Yeah. If your choice was to return to Cole and Joe or Jessica and Desi who are you choosing that easy.

Ryan: It is a very easy call for you to make. I want to ask you then about your relationship with Ryan because we see in the episode where he becomes the swing and I guess you didn’t know this at the time. You probably assumed that you with the swing considering the position that you came into the tribe. We find out about you know Ryan had this advantage that he gave to Chrissy so they had that bond. What could you have done to make that bond stronger with Ryan so he felt safe going forward with you.

Roark: Even though I believe now it’s funny because in my final words I’m like I must have not done something. But you know I own that. And now though being able to watch the hidden advantage play out between Ryan and Chrissy and just the sheer luck of them getting to meet at the spot is pretty much makes my situation my coffin. I played it out myself and played it out in post-mortem with the players involved and I don’t think there was any way I was getting out of the swap Soko towards the merge I think barring winning you know barring Cole, Mike and Jessica having a strategic head on their shoulders and throwing a challenge like Duh! and us winning challenges I was not making it out alive.

Ryan: I totally agree, I think you would have just gone right away and I think that’s hard to know. In your position when you are originally going there because you don’t have the full facts. I do want to ask you about Chrissy and that fractious relationship that appeared to be there, you guys just didn’t seem to be on the same page at all.

Roark: Yeah. No that’s absolutely true. So I’d been so I think it’s two twofold. You know I’ve been informed on Day 9 was the first day of our swap. We landed on swap Soko and Chrissy pulled aside Ali and just said so we’re voting Roark. That’s obvious. It’s the only move we’re voting Roark and I don’t want to speak for Ali 100 percent. But I can speak relatively authoritatively and say that Ali really did not want to be told what to do in that way in that moment. She wanted to meet me, J.P. and Chrissie as well and see what was best for her game. And so I knew, I’d been informed by Ali and Ryan that Crissy was gunning for me and so I knew that. And so to that end why would Chrissy really ever talk strategy. It just would have been fake. Unless we had truly laid our cards on the table and I and having me say. Chrissy. I know you’re coming for me. I know you know I’m coming for you. Can we set that aside for this though. You know like maybe can we delay us coming through each other for three days. What would be workable today? The thing is I don’t really think that changes anything. It’s something I could have done just to see. I don’t think it changes anything. More importantly I wish I wish I spent more time one on one with Ryan. I spent a lot of time with Ryan and Ali and I spent a lot of time one on one with Ali a did not spend a lot of time one on one with Ryan and that’s definitely a regret because again I don’t really think that it changes anything. Of course they don’t know but I don’t think it means anything. Regardless I wish that I had had more one on one time with them to really hash out what our visions for the future were because you know it’s out. I’m assuming you’re a fan yourself huge fan.

Ryan: Yes a huge fan!

Roark: Great and though you may have consumed Josh Wiglers pre-season interviews and Ryan and I really wanted to work together. I think if you know if Ryan and I had met under different circumstances I think we have a really different story and that makes me sad because I really like as a person and like the idea of us playing together it’s just sort of fan-fiction fun yeah.

Ryan: It’s it’s such a hard one to tell the story isn’t it. That’s the Survivor God’s Roark. That’s the way they line up sometimes and sometimes the outcomes of where we finish and the relationships that we make on the island pre-determined almost. I don’t have you for much longer. So I do want to ask you this you’re a huge fan of the show. You’ve had this experience. I know there has been chatter, Steven and Rob talked about it last night about the Wentworth upside do you buy into that? Do you feel like you have Wentworth upside if you get that second chance.

Roark: I mean, I think that’s so impossible. I mean it’s literally impossible to predict. Hit reset on this season and it goes differently. You know like people will never play out exactly the same. And so you know in my own head of course I would like to see that vision. I think she and I had a similarly bad situations that were predestined by other people in her case it was her Dads unfortunate relationship with Missy I think and in my case it was the positive relationship between Ryan and Chrissy that I had not foreseen. So you know maybe that’s in the cards for me if they if they want to see if I have that gear. I am welcome to answer the question.

Ryan: Roark you should be really proud. You got to play, Max Dawson also came in fifth place on the show. That’s something you guys can talk about as well.

Roark: Oh yeah we’re thrilled!

Ryan: Fifth place club is great. I think Richard Hatch might be in that club as well. It is illustrious.

Roark: Ugh.. Anna Khait. (laughs)

Ryan: In the case maybe not, especially at the moment that’s not a great relationship. Thank you so much for your time. And we’ll chat again.

Roark: A pleasure speaking with you thank you.