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Adam Parking was the second person eliminated from Australian Survivor 2017. After forming a strong initial alliance with Kate, Tara and Ziggy.

Adam’s game was railroaded after finding a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in the boat the Samatau tribe had just won at reward. After successfully identifying and placing a target on AK’s head, Adam went to find the Idol after a heavy storm, but with no success returned to camp. AK trailed Adam across to the small island across from the Samatau camp to also search for the Idol. After an argument on the beach between Adam and his alliance, Adam was able to convince Ziggy and Locky to head back to the island to find the idol before it found its way into AK’s hands, but were too late and only found a piece of string, that was attached to the idol.

Back at camp, the people outside of Adam’s alliance, plus a now detached Tara formed a new “Misfit” alliance to vote out Adam, after AK revealed he in fact had found and would be playing the hidden immunity idol at the next tribal council.


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