2017 JONNIES Awards

JONNIES FB.jpgIntroducing the 2nd annual Jonnies awards, recognising excellence in the fields of gameplay, mateship and snakeship. At the start of 2018, the Patrons and the wider Australian Survivor Community voted on 15 categories to determine the 2017 winners of the highly prestigious JONNIES awards, named after legendary Australian Survivor Host Jonathan LaPaglia.

Here is a LINK to the Australian Survivor 2017 Survey – LINK

Who will take out the Crown of King and Queen? Who was the best Strategist? Who was the biggest Snake?

* All photos courtesy of Network TEN Australia

Below are the 2017 Categories of excellence. – LINK

  • Who was your favourite female Australian Survivor 2017? (Queen of the Jungle)
  • Who was your favourite male Australian Survivor 2017? (King of the Jungle)
  • Who was the best TV Character of the season?
  • Who was the best strategist of the season?
  • Biggest Snake of 2017
  • Annual Peoples award for “Mateship” 2017
  • Best Episode of the season
  • Favourite Idol find of the season.
  • Best Alliance
  • Who would you like from the pre-merge to get a second chance?
  • Favourite Post-Merge Player
  • Recognition of the Purple Edit (Someone who was not seen, but you wish was shown more)
  • What season did you enjoy more 2016 or 2017?
  • Rate these twists (1 dislike – 5 love)
  • Best Individual Immunity Win

Check out the 2016 Results.

Check back for daily results from the 15th of January with the reveal of King and Queen of Australian Survivor 2017 on Australia Day January 26th, 2018. Who will take out the crown?