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Season: Australian Survivor 2017

Starting Tribe: Asaga

Position: 8/24

Days Lasted: 44

Sarah Tilleke was on of most strategic player of her season. Playing the middle, Sarah made herself a valuable player to all alliances on her Asaga tribe. This deep dive exclusive looks at Sarah’s entire game and will delve into her applying for the show, her initial thoughts on her fellow tribe members, how Henry’s decision to mutiny impacted her game, reforming an alliance with Luke and much more.

“I am going to be on the ball the whole time. I will think about it when I go to sleep, and I will be dreaming about it. I will never rest or trust anyone because I don’t think anyone should trust me,” she said.

“I will never be complacent. I will play the game and not just sit back. I want to play the most intense social game on the planet and I want to be someone who is remembered.”

“I don’t care what people think of me or if they think what I am doing is mean. I want them to think what I am doing is clever, I do not care if it is nice or not. I will take it all as a compliment.”

Sarah Tilleke Deep Dive




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