Best Challenges of Australian Survivor 2017

Best Challenges

This year the patrons of our podcast voted on the best challenges of the season using a 1 to 5 scale. 1 indicating they disliked the challenge, 5 showing they loved the challenge. The score out of 5 represents the average vote for each challenge from first to last.

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#1 Boulder Dash Reward Challenge (Ep. 3) (Rating 4.53/5)


Both tribes will have nine members maneuver a large boulder through a series of gates and then on top of a bridge. Afterwards, two tribe members will then get on top of the boulder to get from one high platform to another. On the second platform, they will then throw rings onto pegs in order to release a ramp. The first tribe to get their boulder up the ramp and into the holes wins.
Reward: Chairs, a hammock, sheets, lanterns, candles, and a tarp.
Winner: Samatau

#2 Chain Reaction Immunity Challenge (Ep. 5) (Rating 4.45/5)


Both tribes will form a human chain. Between each person has a disc with a small torch they must hold up with the people next to them. If anyone drops a disc, they’ll break the chain. The last tribe standing with at least any two people holding onto a single disc wins.
Winner: Asaga

#3 Slip, Slop, Slap Reward Challenge (Ep. 2) (Rating 4.20/5)


One member from each tribe will go down a slippery course, and compete for a ball. First person to get the ball into their goal square, scores a point. First tribe to seven points wins.
Reward: Fishing gear and an outrigger canoe.
Winner: Samatau

#4 Sumo-ans Immunity Challenge (Ep. 7) (Rating 4.17/5)


Two contestants are pitted against each other on a platform, armed with large padded bags. Their objective is to knock their opponent into the mud. The first tribe to 7 points wins immunity.
Winner: Samatau

#5 Domino Effect Reward and Immunity Challenge (Ep. 23) (Rating 4.17/5)


Survivors must line up a series of blocks along a wobbly balance beam. The first player to knock down their blocks in succession wins.
Reward: A Holden Trailblazer and a picnic
Winner: Michelle Dougan (shared with Jericho and Tara)

#6 Mime Seen Reward Challenge – Survivor Charades (Ep. 20) (Rating 4.07/5)


Divided into two teams of four, the Survivors must compete in a game of Survivor charades. The first person who guesses the charades sequence correctly wins a point for their team. First team to score four point wins.
Reward: An all-you-can-eat KFC chicken buffet.
Winner: Sarah, Locky, Ziggy & Luke

#7 Hand On An Idol Immunity Challenge (Ep. 26) (Rating 4.03/5)


The final three stand on narrow poles and must hold on to an idol for as long as possible. The last person left standing wins.
Winner: Jericho Malabonga

#8 Footbrawl Immunity Challenge (Ep.9) (Rating 4.00/5)


Three members from each tribe must race through the water to get control of the ball. They will then pass the ball onto a fourth member on a platform, who will kick it in. The first tribe to kick three goals wins.
Winner: Samatau

#9 By The Numbers Reward Challenge (Ep. 6) (Rating 3.83/5)


The members of each tribe line up on a very narrow balance beam. One tribe member at a time, they must move across the beam and around the other tribe members. The person crossing can only touch one member at a time. If two people touch at once or a member falls into the water, they must start all over. Once a member reaches the platform, the next person may proceed. The tribe who gets all their members across first wins.
Reward: A barbecue consisting of sausages, hamburgers, prawns, buns, condiments, and beer.
Winner: Samatau

#10 Shower Caddies Immunity Challenge (Ep.13) (Rating 3.77/5)


Tribemates must hold heavy sandbags tethered to water-filled troughs above their head. A person can drop out of the challenge, but must hand over their bag to someone else. The last tribe to stay dry win.
Winner: Asaga

#11 Uprising Immunity Challenge (Ep. 1) (Rating 3.71/5)


Ten members of the tribe will race under a next crawl to get to a platform. At the platform, two members of the runners will climb up, where they will need to untie ropes to release a net rope, which the remaining eight runners will climb up. Once all ten runners are on the platform, they can make their way down on crates, which they will use to climb up a second platform. Once all ten runners are on the second platform, they will slide down, and race to a mat. Once all ten runners are on the mat, they must construct a human pyramid to reach a handle to release two bags containing puzzle pieces. The runners will then hand off the bags to the last two castaways. The puzzle solvers must compete a tiki idol puzzle correctly to win.
Winner: Samatau

#12 Hammer Time Immunity Challenge (Ep. 2) (Rating 3.70/5)


Nine runners from each tribe will run through a mud pit, break a bamboo tunnel, and finally a brick wall. After busting through the brick wall, one person, who can be swapped out, will have to hammer a set of pegs, which will allow them to open a drawer containing club hammers. The remaining two tribe members will use the war clubs to break six tiles. First tribe to break all of their tiles wins.
Winner: Asaga

#13 Centrifuge Immunity Challenge (Ep. 22) (Rating 3.67/5)


Survivors must spin a ball around a circular track using centrifugal force. The last person to keep their ball spinning wins
Winner: Locky Gilbert

#14 Cling Ons Reward Challenge (Ep. 24) (Rating 3.67/5)


Survivors must keep upright on a vertical board balancing on shifting pegs. The last person standing wins.
Reward: Remove a Juror (Tessa)
Winner: Jericho Malabonga

#15 Smash and Grab Ultimate Reward Challenge (Ep.11) (Rating 3.67/5)


One by one, three members of the tribe will jump off a platform in the water to grab a key and swim it to shore. Once all three keys are retrieved, they will unlock a chest containing pieces of a block puzzle. Two members of the tribe will work on the puzzle, and once complete, the final two members will use sandbags to knock off the puzzle. The tribe to knock off all pieces of their puzzle wins.
Addition Stipulation: The winning tribe will attend tribal council in order to vote someone to compete for a special reward.
Winner: Samatau (sent Ziggy to compete for reward)

#16 Hangover Immunity Challenge (Ep. 15) (Rating 3.67/5)


Tribes must divide into two groups and hang on a rope balancing on a huge A-frame over the water. The last person to drop wins for their tribe.
Winner: Samatau

#17 Log Jam Immunity Challenge (Ep. 20) (Rating 3.60/5)

In a knock-out competition, Survivors go head-to-head on a rolling log over water. The final person still standing wins.
Winner: Locky Gilbert

#18 Tricky Transfer Reward Challenge (Ep. 8) (Rating 3.60/5)


Tribemates must transport a ball, balanced on a small platform through an obstacle course. The first tribe to shoot for hoops and hit all four targets wins. If at any point they drop the ball, they will have to go back to the start of the obstacle.
Reward: A day at a sliding rocks spa, where they can bathe and get to dine on cheese, crackers, and champagne.
Winner: Asaga

#19 Idol Hands Reward Challenge (Ep. 12) (Rating 3.57/5)


Members from each tribe must face-off one at a time and aim to knock down their opponent’s hand-held idol to the ground. The first tribe to seven wins.
Reward: A personalised sweet treat plus, all of the ex-Samatau survival gear.
Winner: Asaga

#20 Circle Work Reward Challenge (Ep. 16) (Rating 3.57/5)


Survivors must swing a long pendulum through a frame around a bottle. If at any point, they touch their frames, the bottle will tip over, eliminating them from the challenge. The last person with their bottle still standing wins.
Reward: A merge rejuvenation package.
Additional Stipulation: The winner could give up their meal in exchange for everyone getting letters from home.
Winner: Tessa O’Halloran (gave up reward for Asatoa to receive letters from home)

#21 Upstacle Immunity Challenge (Ep. 4) (Rating 3.47/5)


Challenge: Upstacle
The tribe will be divided into two groups: builders and runners. Builders will build the obstacle course as they go. First the builders will need to pull a cargo net for the runners to get across and then they will use stepping poles. While the builders use ladders to bridge the third and final platform, runners will need to carry sandbags across. On the final platform, using the sandbags the runners will need to throw them to knock off a block on a rail. The first tribe to knock their block off wins. If at any point anyone falls off the obstacle, they will need to start over.
Winner: Asaga

#22 Bow Diddly (Ep. 18) (Rating 3.43/5)


Survivors must balance a ball on a wooden bow all while staying upright on an elevated narrow beam. At regular intervals, castaways will step further down on the beam. The last person still standing wins.
Additional Stipulation: As part of Peter and Luke’s advantage received at the Survivor Auction, they can start 30 seconds later at any one stage.
Winner: Tessa O’Halloran

#23 Polar Express Immunity Challenge (Ep. 6) (Rating 3.40/5)


One by one, members from both tribes will go through a series of obstacles in the water: a high dive, a slide, and a net crawl. Once all of the tribe members are on shore, they will use a machete to hack through a pole to release puzzle pieces. Two tribe members will then use the pieces to complete a puzzle. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins.
Winner: Samatau

#24 Hooked Up Immunity Challenge (Ep. 17)  (Rating 3.40/5)


Survivors will compete in three knockout rounds. In the first round, they will have to swing a ring onto a hook. The first six to do so will move onto the second round. In the second round, they will have maneuver through a rope course to reach and end post. The first three to finish will move onto the final round. In the final round, they will have to roll balls up a ramp to a ledge. The first person to get all three balls on the ledge wins.
Winner: Henry Nicholson

#25 Four The Win Immunity Challenge (Ep. 25) (Rating 3.39/5)


Survivors will pull themselves by a rope in a canoe over to a tower. At the tower, they will have to fill a tan with water to release a key. Using the key, they will unlock a rope they have to untangle from a balance beam. Using the rope they will then have to pull down a bridge that will lead to a puzzle. The first person to complete the puzzle wins.
Winner: Peter Conte

#26 Sheep Dog Reward Challenge (Ep. 14) (Rating 3.37/5)



Callers must navigate their blindfolded tribemates through an obstacle course to smash a watermelon with a club to retrieve sandbags. The first caller to catapult all their tribe’s sandbags into a net wins.
Reward: An Italian feast.
Additional Stipulation: The winning tribe has to choose two members of the losing tribe to join them on the reward.
Winner: Samatau shared Italian Feast with Peter and Sarah

#27 Planks A Lot Immunity Challenge (Ep. 16) (Rating 3.37/5)

Planks A Lot

Survivors test their strength as they balance between two rails in a plank position. The last person to drop wins.
Winner: Ziggy Zagame

#28 Pick Up Sticks Immunity Challenge (Ep. 14) (Rating 3.35/5)


Two tribemates must race to untie a tower of planks to reveal a bag of puzzle pieces. Tribes will then use the planks to build a staircase to a puzzle deck, where two tribemates will solve a puzzle. The first tribe to complete the puzzle wins.
Additional Stipulation: The winning tribe will get to eavesdrop on the losing tribe’s tribal council.
Winner: Samatau

#29 Rafts and the Furious Immunity Challenge (Ep. 3) (Rating 3.35/5)

ep3 raft challenge.jpg

Both tribes will paddle a raft out past a series of crates to a moor. They will have one member swim out and dive down and untie a series of knots to get a key. They will then need to paddle back to shore and use the key to unlock a chest containing bamboo. Using the bamboo, they will then construct a tower around a pole. The tribe that builds a tower higher than their pole and can stay up for five seconds wins.
Winner: Asaga

#30 Supply Drop Reward Challenge (Ep. 1) (Rating 3.33/5)


Tribe members will race to grab items for their campsite on top of a barge and place on their supplies on their rafts. Once both tribes are finished gathering items, they will race to shore, where they need to grab a bag of rice hanging on an a-frame. The first tribe to grab the rice bag wins.
Reward: A bag of rice.
Additional Stipulation: The losing tribe will not be allowed to bring the items they collected back to their campsite.
Winner: Samatau

#31 Chariots of Fire Immunity Challenge (Ep. 8) (Rating 3.31/5)


In pairs, layers must race out to open three puzzle gates to make way to pull one player on a heavy sled through to the finish line. The tribe to light the cauldron first wins
Winner: Asaga

#32 Palm Beach Reward Challenge (Ep. 10) (Rating 3.31/5)


Half of the tribe will push a heavy cart filled with puzzle pieces to the end of a course. At the end of the course, two tribe members will hold up the top of a palm tree puzzle, while two other members work on the puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle first wins.
Reward: Survivor ice cream parlor
Winner: Asaga

#33 Loose Change Immunity Challenge (Ep. 10) (Rating 3.27/5)


Six members of the tribe will work together to move discs to the end of a rope. After they’ve released the discs, they will roll them into a barrel. Once their in the barrel, they will load them into a chute to release a key. The last two members of the tribe will then use the key to unlock a chest containing puzzle pieces that they will use to solve a puzzle. First tribe to complete their puzzle wins.
Winner: Samatau

#34 Over Extended Immunity Challenge (Ep. 19) (Rating 3.27/5)Australian-Survivor-S2-Episode-19---Over-Extended-Ziggy-and-Luke4-900x506

Survivors must balance an idol on top of a pole that will be extended in regular intervals. Last person standing wins.
Winner: Ziggy Zagame

#35 Flint Reward Challenge (Ep. 1) (Rating 3.23/5)

Both tribes will send two volunteers for this challenge. Both tribes will be given an ample amount of fire-making essentials, and must make a flame high enough to burn through a rope to win.
Reward: A lit torch and flint.
Winner: Asaga

#36 Weight Up Immunity Challenge (Ep. 12) (Rating 3.23/5)AustralianSurvivorS2Episode12WeightUpLukeZiggyLockyandTara900x506

One male and one female from each tribe must hold up a bucket while the opposing tribe fills it with as much water as they can. The last player standing wins for their tribe.
Winner: Samatau

#37 Mind Field Immunity Challenge (Ep. 21) (Rating 3.15/5)Australian-Survivor-S2-Episode-21---Mind-Field-Contestants-900x506

Jonathan will show Survivors an item they will have to find that is hidden in a field. They must race back with the item and place it on their table. The trick is there is one less item than the number of castaways competing, so whoever cannot find an item is eliminated from the challenge. The last person left standing wins.
Winner: Locky Gilbert

#38 Surf Nets Reward Challenge (Ep. 4) (Rating 3.00/5)


Jonathan will release hundreds of coconuts into the sea. The tribe will then use rafts to collect the coconuts. As they bring the raft ashore, two castaways will be surfed in, one at a time, on top of the coconut raft on a surfboard. They will then bring their coconuts to a crate, and then use a mini-trampoline to bounce the coconuts in order to smash three tiki statues. First tribe to smask all of the staute wins.
Reward: Coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs.
Winner: Samatau

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*Challenge information from the Australian Survivor Wikia and Photos courtesy of TENPLAY