"The Sea Slug Slugger" - Libby Vincek on the ninth episode of Survivor: Ghost Island, airing Wednesday, April 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Exit Interview – Libby Vincek

Libby Vincek
Photo: CBS

RYAN: Hi Libby, thank you for taking my questions. You were regularly the back-up vote and ultimately the person voted out due to a successful Idol play. Why do you believe you were the back up on so many votes? 

LIBBY: Hi! Thank you so much! Ultimately I could never quite grasp their strategy in that besides seeing me as a social threat. Angela told me once when she was braiding my hair, it’s hard to vote for you because you’re just so nice. No one hates you.” Obviously you don’t vote for people you hate on the game, so it had to have been the bonds I had and the ability to form those bonds, is why people saw me as a threat.

You voted for Michael, you two were described as being in a power couple. What was your relationship like with Michael on the Island and did you know he had an idol?

Which I still don’t understand where the girls got that. They all spent more time with him than I ever did, for that very reason. However, Michael was someone I formed an alliance with that very first day that I knew was one I could actually trust because he knew he had me as well so we didn’t spend time together on the island but like very short and sweet chats to see what was going on. Unfortunately that was when things went down hill. Had I known he had the idol, things could’ve turned out differently. That day tribal was a zoo! And having to decide on him was the only choice I had to attempt to save myself at the very last minute.

Domenick described you as a dangerous player, what game moves and strategies were you putting in place that were not shown on the show.

That’s actually a huge compliment coming from someone like Dom. I was able to converse with everyone. I had found a way to if not certainly bond with people, make it look like it did. I was a likeable, but I was going to make my own decisions. 

Libby can you describe your relationship with Morgan, why did you decide not to work with her? And do you believe her calling you out after her vote put a target on your back?

Sure. Morgan is an awesome person! We really are so much alike, I freakin’ loved her! That was the first incredibly hard decision I had to make in the game. I had to weigh my options of either being at the bottom of a brand new alliance or making a big move with my original alliance. On a personal level, Morgan is an amazing person and I know we could have worked really well together. But like I said during the last tribal council, I stick by my decision, because if Survivor was totally personal, it wouldn’t be successful. Sometimes you have to step away for a minute and remember it’s still a game. 

 Who were your key allies throughout the game?

I felt, definitely Donathan and Laurel until the merge. When the merge came, I knew I was closer to Jenna. She and I had a really strong bond that I was hoping could work with Donathan and Laurel. Once we merged it was hard to figure out where Donathan and Laurel were so that’s when it began to get much more challenging. But you couldn’t expect anything different.

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