Each week former SurvivorNZ player Shannon Quinn and Survivor super-fan Ryan Brink will go head to head ranking each players likelihood of being voted out in the next episode from safest to most in danger.

The Rulebook: To play this game and for those of you following along, we will be using the traditional Gordon Holmes Power Rankings system to determine the winner. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.

Note: We rank our players from who we believe is least likely to most likely to be sent home that episode. These are not ranking of who we believe is going to win.
Current standings after Week 6. Dylan Eliminated/JT Medical Evacuation.

Shannon – 122 Points (+6)

Ryan – 117 Points (+8)


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Shannon (photocredit Scott McAulay)
Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com
Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com

#1 Adam:

Adam has proven he has a lot of skill in keeping himself safe and out of the firing line. With an immunity win under his belt and a few seemingly easier targets surrounding him; he’s looking pretty safe and strong to me. I’m wondering when everyone will see him for the threat he is?

Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com

#2 Lisa: 

Lisa won’t make a move unless the numbers are very clearly stacked in her favour. It’s looking like Matt is her target #1 this week and unless he gets a hold of immunity I’m not sure there’s much that could stop her plan. The biggest risk for Lisa will be being seen as the new king-pin of the tribe if the take-down is successful. Also… If you’re gonna take a shot at the king, you best not miss.

Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com

#3 Dave:

Surely, SURELY Dave has to play his idol this week? I don’t know whether my nerves can take it any longer. He’s been putting a LOT of trust in Matt and I’m just not super confident that that trust will last the distance. But Dave is a smart player in his own right, so I’m hoping he’ll see it coming and act accordingly.

Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com

#4 Tara:

Why am I still hearing nothing from Tara?? Who is she?? I feel like I know more about the tarantula than I do about Tara. Getting frustrating now because she’s clearly involved in some big strategy talks but we just have to imagine how those go… Maybe it’s just hard to get any confessionals that are anywhere near Adam’s level. But ANYWAY she was part of a great move this week and she’s ended up in a brilliant position because of it.

Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com

#5 Matt:

Playing a winner’s game – but with the hardest path to make it there.  If anyone has any sense then they would make getting rid of Matt priority #1. But Matt is obviously a huge physical threat – winning 4 immunities wouldn’t be entirely surprising for someone like him. If that fails, his strategies and social skills could also see him through.

Photo: www.scottmcaulay.com

#6 Eve: 

Eve just doesn’t seem so keen on the strategy side of things, which is challenging for her now because as the numbers get tighter she’s starting to run out of options. She’s a very strong competitor in challenges though, also the alliances she does have still appear rock solid, which may see her through for longer.


#7 Tess: 

Tess has been a bit lost now that her main alliance has crumbled around her. So far she hasn’t seemed to want to step up and play her own game – she’s been relying more on those around her to make the decisions. I’m hoping this week she’ll start thinking about moves to make to benefit an end game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets targeted this week if the Matt vote off falls through.

Ryan PicRYAN: Hey lovely people. Due to some personal family issues this week it will just be my podcast and a list. Give it a listen to hear my thoughts.

1 – Lisa

2 – Adam

3 – Dave

4 – Eve

5 – Tara

6- Tess

7- Matt

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