Photo: Via SURVIVOR SA Facebook Page. Merge Tribe 2018

Merge Retrospective – Survivor South Africa: Philippines S6 with Austin Smith

Ryan and Inside Survivor blogger Austin Smith chat about the merge (Episode 9-16) of Survivor: South Africa S6

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Merge Tribe Survivor South Africa Survivor SA 2018
Photo: Via SURVIVOR SA Facebook Page. Merge Tribe 2018

Snakes (PLAYER) of the week – Post Merge

Episode 9 (Vusi out) – Werner

  • Bringing Tom into his alliance, taking out Vusi

Episode 10 (Chane out) –  Tom (+mini snake Queen Palesa)

Episode 11 (Palesa out) – Jeanne

  • Amazing social gameplay this episode
  • Tom not telling Palesa that she was going home. Brutal!

Episode 12 (Toni out)- Annalize

  • Exile extra vote twist. Getting it form Toni

Episode 13 (PK out) – Werner

  • Places the headline on Tom and PK
  • Winning immunity, potentially saving himself

Episode 14 (Katinka out) – Werner (+mini snake to Tom)

  • Werner idol play for Jeanne taking out Katinka
  • Tom telling Werner
  • Tom winning immunity

Episode 15 (Wener out) – Jeanne

  • The death of the Don

Episode 16 Finale (Annalize out), final 2 Tom and Jeanne – Tom

  • Final tribal was amazing. Sold his game.

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