The seventh season of Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets is reportedly about to start filming in Samoa during January and February, with an expected airdate sometime in May. Most recently Samoa has been the home of Australian Survivor from 2016 to 2017 and previous incarnations of American Survivor (seasons 19, 20, 23 and 24).

An article from the website Newsline Samoa reported in September a production crew from the series were scouting locations.

A quote from the article suggests “There is no set program at the moment, but the team is in Samoa scouting for any locations suitable for the TV series to be filmed.” Faanaea Natu, a culture advisor of the Samoa Tourism Authority confirmed in a statement when contacted by Newsline Samoa.

The dates of the article match these instagram posts by Survivor South Africa’s Executive Producer Leroux Botha who shared these snaps of his efforts scouting Samoa for locations.

The location of the current filming is unconfirmed, but speaking with production who have shot in Samoa previously, locations are limited and it is likely there will be overlap between the locations where American and Australian Survivor have filmed in the past. More details can be found about Samoan filming locations in this Reddit thread.

Survivor South Africa is coming off an impress re-birth in 2018 in the Phillipines where the show modified to a more traditional game length and producing style. The buzz of the International Survivor community, the seventh season will have large shoes to fill to match the excitement and entertainment provided by last years cast.

Previous versions of Survivor South Africa have filmed in Panama, Malaysia, Santa Carolina (Mozambique), the Maldives, the South China Sea and the Phillipines.

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