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REVEALED: 20 New Married at First Sight 2019 contestants announced

Ratings juggernaut Married at First Sight is back on NINE at the end of January with a new batch of hopefuls looking to find love. Here is the full list of contestants seeking love in 2019


CYRRELL, 29, NSW – Health fund consultant

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: She has a big Catholic family and desperately wants her new partner to get their tick of approval. She’s been cheated on and was once engaged to be married.

ELIZABETH, 27, NSW – Store manager

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Very confident and knows that she’s attractive. She’s never had a long-term boyfriend, and has often unknowingly been ‘the other woman’.

HEIDI, 38, QLD – Radio announcer

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Heidi experienced some tough times as a teenager, and was forced to become fiercely independent from a young age. She’s extroverted and bubbly.

INES, 28, QLD – Legal assistant

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Ines and her family fled Bosnia during the war when she was a little girl. Her parents divorced, and it’s left her wanting the perfect family of her own. She wants to find a man who can give her a comfortable life, unlike the childhood she had. Good sexual chemistry is a must for Ines.

JESSIKA, 26, WA – Administration officer

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Describes herself as a part-time model and part-time party animal. She wants love, marriage and children, but finds men only want her for a fling and are often intimidated by her looks.

JULES, 36, NSW – Business manager

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Jules was with a man who she loved, but left him when he told her he didn’t want kids. Jules is desperate to meet the man of her dreams and have a family.

LAUREN, 31, NSW – Make-up artist

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Eternal romantic. Wants a chivalrous gentleman.

MARTHA, 30, NSW – Make-up artist

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Martha has a big Greek family who are keen for her to settle down — so she’s going to do it. She’s big on grooming, so she wants a man who knows how to take care of his skin and who has good fashion sense. She’s very picky but, after six years of the single life, she’s putting her trust in the experts.

MELISSA, 38, NSW – Talent agent

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Melissa describes herself as quirky, insecure, and “allergic” to getting old. She was heartbroken eight years ago, and hasn’t had sex since then — on her terms.

NING, 32, QLD – Hairdresser

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: She’s a single mum of three children between the ages of 15 and 3. She had her first baby at 16, and then met a man who she had her next two kids with. She thought he was The One, but they soon parted ways.


BRONSON, 34, WA – Entrepreneur

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Bronson is stripper-turned-circus-performer-turned-entrepreneur. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle and loves to spoil his partners with expensive gifts. He’s tragically lost his mum and two brothers in three separate incidents, and is thankful to have his dad in his life. If Bronson looks familiar to you, it’s because he appeared in the 2018 season of Australian Ninja Warrior.

CAMERON, 34, NSW – Ex-professional cricketer

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Until now, ex-cricket Cameron always chose sport over love. He says he’s a bit of a mummy’s boy, and is ready to settle down. He wants his dream family — white picket fence and all.

DINO, 34, WA – Meditation coach

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Dino grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Australia at 16.  After a broken engagement, Dino turned to meditation which he says has changed his life — the FIFO worker even teaches mediation up in the mines. He has built a nifty property portfolio, and has a five-bedroom home which he hopes to live in with his new wife.

MARK, 41, VIC – Ex-army

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Mark has never told a woman he loves her. Mark’s mates think he’s afraid of commitment, but he says he’s just never found his perfect match. He’s looking for a wife with thick skin and a sarcastic sense of humour.

MATTHEW, 29, QLD – Videographer

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Matthew says he’s “chronically single” and describes himself as a 29-year-old virgin. He was bullied as a teenager and has struggled with self-confidence his whole life. He’s been learning to sing, and is hoping he can serenade his wife on their wedding day.

MICHAEL, 27, VIC – Primary school teacher

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Michael comes from a big, Italian family and says he’s a “mama’s boy” — which means his wife needs to impress the in-laws just as much as she needs to impress him. Health and fitness are important to Michael, so he wants to meet his match in that area.

MICK, 31, QLD – Plasterer/farmer

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Mick lives on his homestead with 18 sheep, seven chickens, nine guinea fowl and two dogs. He wants an outdoorsy, Jennifer Hawkins-lookalike for a wife.

MIKE, 43, QLD – Electrician

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Mike is sensitive and vulnerable. He says women claim they want that in a man, but that they really don’t. His ideal woman appreciates him for who he is, and wants to start a family with him.

NIC, 27, NSW, Electrician

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Nic’s dad left when he was a baby, so he was raised by his mother and grandmother. He’s drawn to strong females as a result of this. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 24, and successfully beat it. In the past, he’s bolted at the first sign of struggle in relationships, so he’s looking for a strong, committed woman who won’t let him run this time.

SAM, 26, NSW – Tradie

Photo: supplied (Nine)

ABOUT: Sam reckons his good looks can be intimidating for some women, and that they judge him upon first glance. The part-time model describes himself as chivalrous and says he’s looking to find a confident woman. Cheating is his number one deal breaker.


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