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It’s the morning after the rose ceremony and there are still plenty of tears, turmoil and trouble in Paradise.

Fiery Florence Alexandra was adamant that Bill Goldsmith had begged her to stay the night during their overnight date. Bill on the other hand, was persistent he did not go with the Flo, nor did he want to go with the Flo. He then proceeded to call Flo malicious, jealous, out to get him and a liar.

People were screaming and tears were flo-wing. It was utter madness.

And then Zoe O’Brien dropped the coconut that Bill had arranged for Flo to receive a rose so he could explore his feelings for her.

Wanting to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, Alex stormed up to Bill and Nathan Favro.

Just when Alex was about to say adios to Paradise, resident cupid Osher shot over a date card for her and Bill.

At this point, Cass Wood and Richie Strahan still hadn’t locked lips. When demonstrating to Alisha Aitken-Radburn how close they had gotten to kissing, Alisha decided it was time to plant one on Cass, making it her first pash in paradise. Ooh la la.

Just when paradise was turning into a bit of a sausage fest, Caroline Lunny from Ari’s season of The American Bachelor came bursting into Paradise with a date card. Nearly instantly she headed off with Richie for a lesson in Aussie slang. Bloody Oath!

Some time away from Paradise gave Bill and Alex the opportunity to lay all their feelings out on the table. Wordsmith Goldsmith Bill revealed that he could see himself falling in love with Alex. This four-letter word may have won Alex over, but Bill was not totally off the hook yet.

Jules Bourne’s feelings were too hot and cold for Alisha to handle.  He was lusting over Tenille Favios, but also keeping Alisha at an arm’s length.

Tenille on the other arm, was having a gay old time with Ivan Krslovic, however he was coming on a bit too strong.

Ivan couldn’t hold back his anger when, later in the evening, Tenille started playing an innocent game with American Alex.

Ivan then surprised Tenille in her room when she came out of the bathroom. Shocked, she took the opportunity to explain that things needed to slow down, but her chat seemed lost on him and he kept up the intensity.

When Richie returned, he was quick to reassure Cass that he had been thinking about her all day.

As the sun was setting, Jules’ inner turmoil continued, and he finally got a chance to tell Tenille how he felt about her. He thought it went well!

Alisha however, was left heartbroken and contemplating whether to say bye to Jules and Paradise.

Tomorrow night, Paradise welcomes back West Australian surfie Mack for his third stab at love and fresh from Ali’s season ofThe Bachelorette, Queensland hottie, Wes makes his entrance.