It’s crunch time in Paradise. And no, we are not referring to American Alex’s impressive abdominal exercise routine.

After four weeks frolicking together under the Fijian sun, it was make or break time for our final six islanders. Would our couples decide to take the next step into the commitment ceremony or bid farewell to Paradise for good?

After giving tonsil hockey a red-hot crack, Zoe O’Brien and Mack Reid decided there wasn’t enough spark for them to move to the next stage, and both parties exited the island separately.

Having moved at their own pace, American Alex and Caroline Lunny decided that they could grow their connection outside of Paradise and chose to leave the experience together.

The remaining four couples were given the opportunity to get advice from their nearest and dearest.

While Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation felt confident in their partnership, Nathan Favro and Tenille Favios, Alisha-Aitken-Radburn and Jules Bourne and Davey Lloyd and Florence Alexandria felt less secure.

Davey told his father Robert that he found the whole process quite confronting, and he was most afraid to damage his friendship with Flo.

Flo brought her friend Steph over as she is a good judge of character. Flo explained that Davey had been quite negative and there had been a lack of intimacy. Steph was quick to ask Davey about it and he said that he hadn’t been sleeping.

When Flo and Davey debriefed, and he revealed he wanted to push forward into the commitment ceremony, Flo was pleasantly surprised by the turnaround.

Tenille had her friend Chantelle come to Fiji and she wanted her to investigate Nathan’s authenticity and whether outside of paradise he would be willing to be exclusive.

With the straight-shooter demeanour of Vanessa Sunshine, sassy Chantelle felt she could see through the charm of Nathan and wasn’t convinced he was entirely genuine about his feelings and his promise of being exclusive with Tenille after the show.  

Tenille brought this up later with Nathan and, while it was a tough pill for him to swallow, he promised her that he would be exclusive with her out of Paradise.

Alex had her Mum Jo head to Fiji and her immediate concern for her daughter was how a relationship formed on reality television would be different the second time around. 

Later, Jo asked the same question to Bill and he said his affections for Alex were the real deal. Jo asked if Bill had ever dated someone with a child before and he admitted that he had, however his brother Michael had a different answer for Alex.

Jo agreed with Alex that Bill is charming however her uncertainty put doubt in Alex’s mind.

Jules told his best friend Jimmy that he has something unique and beautiful with Alisha and that he is happy to either leave things in Paradise or see how things could eventuate on the outside.

Alisha’s best friend Hannah quizzed Jules on his use of the term “friendship” when speaking about his feelings for Alisha. Hannah was cynical, and Jules fumbled around when answering her questions.

Jimmy’s chat with Alisha was a lot more transparent and he encouraged her to grill Jules to get the answers she needed.

Later, Alisha offered Jules an ultimatum. Either he admits that he sees a romantic future outside of Paradise, or she walks out of the experiment for good. 

Darn it Bachie cliff-hangers. We can hardly wait until tomorrow night.