Podcast Recaps

Podcast recaps of the latest episodes of Survivor. Ryan and his guests will break down the latest from the episode of Survivor

Todd Herzog Interview – Survivor 31 Cambodia Finale Recap

Podcast conducted for Survivor Oz.

Jon & Jaclyn Misch Survivor: Cambodia Episode 9 Recap

Listen to my interview with Jon & Jaclyn Misch from SurvivorOZ

Survivor: Cambodia Episode 8 Recap

What a fitting finish to an excellent episode of Survivor. This season continues to go from strength to strength. With 11 remaining I still have no clear...

Survivor: Second Chance Ep 7 Recap – THE MERGE

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen Survivor: Cambodia Episode 7 DO NOT READ ON!!! To be, or not to be, that is the question. As Fishback spun...

Survivor Cambodia – Episode 6 This week on Survivor - The game took a major twist from the opening scene with the much speculated withdrawal of contestant Terry Deitz. MIDNIGHT WAKE UP...

Survivor: Cambodia – Week 3 with Jess Kent

This week I'm joined by Jess Kent @wewantgoodTV to break down the 2-3 tribe division in the last episode of Survivor Cambodia.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Survivor Pearl Islands & Heroes v Villains Winner

Survivor Worlds Apart recap and Survivor Second Chances Predictions with Sandra Diaz Twine Listen to my very first podcast, an interview from May, 2015 with the 2 time...